Thursday, April 30, 2015

ISIS using Children and even Infants for Propaganda

Shocking images horrify Westerners, but inspire and recruit Muslims from Western countries.

Notice the birth certificate in the photo below, which confirms the Islamic State's status as a sovereign state.

“This baby is dangerous for you, not only for us” - a photograph's title reads.

ISIS using Children and even Infants
Pravoslavie — April 29, 2015

Children who were born on the territory controlled by “the Islamic State” are becoming objects of propaganda by the terrorist organization. The recent cases of “black PR” of ISIS have shocked internet users all over the world, report news agencies.

Specifically, the first reels that were uploaded in the internet by the takfirists at the turn of last year, showed the horrific pictures of combat training of children of preschool, primary school, and secondary school ages.

At the beginning of the reel Russian speech can be heard. A person who is taking a submachine gun says: “That is all! That is all!” Another person, off-camera, is crying in exaltation in Arabic: “With the name of Allah! As Allah wished!” Then the child who shot, or, probably, another one (because he speaks pure Arabic), is answering the questions:

To whom do you belong, brother?
To “the Islamic State”.
Brother, what do you want to say to Muslims?
Start combat operations.
Ma Sha’ Allah (“Whatever Allah wants”).
And so on. (See video here.)

Training children to use firearms is accompanied by an ideological education: thus, answering short questions of the “teachers”, children of different ages are “swearing allegiance” to the IS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and are promising to fight against “unclean infidels” to their death.

Photomaterials from such “educational works” of ISIS are constantly uploaded by activists to the web. Last week many news reports contained published photographs made in a square in one of the settlements of the Syrian Al-Hasakah governorate. The shots that then were sent to the media by the eyewitnesses fixed the moment of execution of a new “apostate of Islam” with some children around intently observing the event.

Results of such recruitment are not long in coming. On April 21 the Iraqi volunteer corps members reported the first case of a group of new “graduates” of the extremists’ training camp, situated to the west of Ar Ramadi. According to the volunteers, children aged 9-12 were forcibly recruited by IS as its new members.

However, the islamists are even using innocent newly-born babies for their propaganda. On Sunday, April 26, a photograph appeared in the “Twitter” social network showing a baby with a pistol, a hand grenade, and a birth certificate laid in its cradle. The birth certificate was issued by “the Aleppo wilayat (province)” of IS. An activist from the city of Rakka who uploaded this shot on the internet believes that it serves as a means of intimidation to all the enemies of “the Islamic State”. “This baby is dangerous for you, and not only for us,” reads the caption under the photograph, which has provoked a stormy reaction in the global information space.