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Muhammad's Suicide Attempts

Muhammad's initial experience with the spirit being who came to him in the cave at Hira and ordered him to recite, and his suicidal tendencies over the following few years, reveals that the god of Islam is not the True God, and that Muhammad was visited by a demonic entity.

The spirit being Jibril said to Muhammad, "Of course you are the prophet of Allah... Would I lie to you?"

In my book, Facing Islam, I discuss Muhammad's torment and temptations to commit suicide as follows:
“Poet or Possessed”
The “revelations” began dramatically, after Muhammad had spent many days and nights alone in a cave in Hira, worshipping Allah. Significantly, Muhammad himself did not at first believe he was being visited by the archangel Gabriel, thinking rather that he was a victim of a jinn (from which we get the word “genie”) or a demon. His first encounter with the powerful spirit being which commanded him to “read and recite” was frightening: "He pressed upon me so tightly I thought it was death.” (The Sira, Ibn Ishaq, p106; cf. Bukhari, 5:96:5)
He then fled trembling back to his wife Khadija, fearing for his life, crying, “Woe is me, poet [that is, oppressed by demonic visions] or possessed!” (Ibid.) Would that he had trusted this harrowing first impression. He became fearful and suicidal, but was eventually persuaded by his wife Khadija and her uncle Waraqa (a Nestorian heretic) that the messages were from God and that he was Allah’s chosen messenger (Bukhari, 5:1:3. Also 4:55:605). Khadija is credited with being the first Muslim. 
That Muhammad then actively sought further encounters with the being which assailed him is testimony to his willingness to open himself up to the unseen realm. That he was so easily convinced by his wife and uncle (and the forceful “being”) that he was specially chosen by God and was not demonically oppressed or possessed shows that vainglory and satanic deception had totally seized control of his mind and heart.
After the initial visitation, there was a three year drought of “revelations,” during which Muhammad suffered from suicidal depression and self-doubt. According to the accepted early biographies of Muhammad, the “revelations” themselves always had a profound effect on the “prophet.” They sometimes came upon him violently, causing him to sweat on a cold day or even pass out. Muhammad said that sometimes bells and other sounds accompanied the “revelations.” Secular historians, physicians and psychologists have long speculated that Muhammad suffered from epilepsy, schizophrenia or some other pathological condition. 
For the purpose of our discussion, we assume that the reports about the “revelations” and the effect they had on the “prophet” are true as transmitted to us via the original Islamic sources.  (Facing Islam, pp 116-117)

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

William Kilpatrick: 'Our Amazing Capacity for Self-Deception'

The Da Vinci Code’s version of the Christian story is an almost total fabrication. On the other hand, many of its false accusations about the Catholic Church are actually true of Islam.

by William Kilpatrick, Turning Point Project, March 24, 2016 
(The title for this re-post comes from a slightly edited version of the same article in Crisis Magazine. The article originally appeared in Catholic World Report under the title, "Breaking the Code.")

Two years after the Islamic jihadist attack on the World Trade Center, a book appeared which purported to reveal a conspiracy to cover up the truth about a major world religion. According to the book, powerful people, both inside and outside this male-dominated, woman-hating religion, had conspired to falsely represent it as a religion of piety and peace.

At the time, the book and its author were widely hailed for finally breaking through the code of silence which had long protected this ancient institution from criticism.

Islam? Er, no. The repressive, misogynistic religion at the center of The Da Vinci Code is the Catholic Church. Do you really think any major publisher would dare to publish a work claiming that Islam is a fraud? That was tried in 1988 with the release of Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses. The resulting attack on two translators, one publisher, and an entire hotel-full of people (see the “Sivas Massacre”) convinced publishers not to make that mistake again. Yet Rushdie’s criticisms of Muhammad were almost incidental to the main plot of his story and were fairly mild compared to Dan Brown’s all-out assault on Catholicism. Dan Brown has been a celebrity ever since, and Salman Rushdie, with a fatwa hanging over his head, has been under police protection.

Looked at in perspective, the enormous popularity of The Da Vinci Code (both the book and the movie) presents us with a massive irony. Just at that moment in time when a truly misogynistic religion was spreading rapidly all over the globe, the opinion-makers decided to focus their ire on the faith that had markedly elevated the status of women. And just when Islam’s historical penchant for silencing dissenters was once again on display, the trend-setters decided to vent their spleen on an institution which for decades had given a respectful hearing to the dissenters in its midst.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Horror as Turkish is made an ‘official EU language’

. . . before ANY voters support membership!

Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch writes:

This essentially guarantees that Turkey will be admitted into the European Union, which will mean that it will — because of its population — immediately become its dominant member, and be able to set EU policy. It will enable millions of Muslims, including jihad terrorists, to enter Germany, France, Britain and other European countries with no checks. It will, in other words, hasten the conquest and Islamization of Europe.

“Horror as Turkish is made an ‘official EU language’ before ANY voters support membership,” 

by Marco Giannangeli, Express, April 17, 2016:

TURKISH is to become an official language of the European Union, as the Islamic nation draws closer to being admitted as a fully-fledged EU member.

Not a single voter from the EU’s 28 member states – which have a total population of 508 million – has yet to vote in favour of Turkish membership.

But MEPs voted 375 – 133 to back the initiative by President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades, who asked the Dutch EU Presidency to add Turkish to the bloc’s 24 official languages in order to boost attempts to reach a reunification agreement on the Mediterranean island.

The move, expected to add £25m to the EU’s annual budget, has infuriated critics who last night said it was further proof that Turkey’s accession to the EU was “all but guaranteed”….

Sunday, April 17, 2016

“What is happening in the Middle East will happen in Europe” - Syrian Orthodox bishop in Switzerland

“'What is happening to us today began 1,300 years ago.' In the 7th century, the genocide of Christians began, then in the darkness, now in the media spotlight. The agenda of Islam has remained always the same, namely to expel the Christians from the Middle East."

A brave, faithful and honest Orthodox bishop fearlessly speaks the truth about Islam. May we heed his warnings and reject the "Same God Heresy."

“What is happening in the Middle East will happen in Europe,” 
(translated from «Was im Nahen Osten geschieht, wird auch in Europa passieren»), Tages Anzeiger, April 14, 2016 (thanks to Jihad Watch):

Isa Gürbüz, the Syrian Orthodox Church leader in Switzerland, calls Christians to be vigilant. The agenda of Islam is to take power.

“In 20 or 30 years there will be a Muslim majority in Europe. Half of European women will then wear a hijab.” This prediction doesn’t come from Michel Houellebecq or Thilo Sarrazin, but from Dionysos Isa Gürbüz, the Syrian Orthodox bishop in Switzerland. He resides in the idyllic Lake Zug Arth Capuchin monastery, with two monks and two nuns. From the monastery Mor Avgin, as it is called today, he oversees the 10,000 Syrian Orthodox faithful in Switzerland and 4,000 in Austria.

Isa Gürbüz is busy preparing for the Easter services, which are celebrated in his church in late April. Then his coreligionists will flock in the hundreds to Arth. Together they will pray, sing and debate – in the Aramaic native language, the sacred language that Jesus spoke. The Syrian Orthodox Church is the oldest of all. In her home in the former Mesopotamia, today Syria and Iraq, they are persecuted. “Arth has therefore become a center for the preservation of our endangered religion and culture,” says Gürbüz.

The fate of the Christians preoccupies the bishop.

Easter joy may not come easily for the bishop. He is too busy with the fate of Christians in the Middle East: “What today has caused thousands to join the terrorist groups of IS, Taliban or al-Qaida, is the extension of the genocide of 1915.” At that time nearly two million Christians – Aramean, Syrian and Greek Orthodox – perished, and millions converted to Islam. The Bishop continues: “What is happening to us today began 1,300 years ago.” In the 7th century, the genocide of Christians began, then in the darkness, now in the media spotlight. The agenda of Islam has remained always the same to him, namely to expel the Christians from the Middle East. Also in the coming years, the spirit of terror will reign there.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

URGENT: Volunteers needed for OCMC Mission Team to Indonesia!

Volunteers Urgently Needed for OCMC Teaching Team to Indonesia at the End of June!

If you've been reading this blog, and wondering what you can do to share the Gospel, expand the mission, and reach Muslims for Christ, this may be the Lord opening a door for you to walk through!

From the official OCMC Announcement:

On June 28th, OCMC will be sending a team of Orthodox volunteers to teach the Faith in Medan, Indonesia.

This teaching is needed by the Orthodox faithful, especially the youth, in this predominately Muslim country, and volunteers are needed for this team now more than ever.

Please consider applying if you are able to give your time to help strengthen the Faith of Orthodox children in Indonesia by visiting, e-mailing, or by calling 1-877-463-6784 ext. 141.

Europe: Muslim Migrants converting to Christianity fear Islam's Death Penalty for Apostasy

Thanks be to God, many Muslims are turning to Christ once they find a haven in Europe! Let us honor their brave faith by living as True Christians!

Because of Islam's infamous death penalty for apostasy, the number of Muslim converts to Christianity may be much higher than reports indicate, as many may keep secret their new Christian faith to protect their families and their own lives. Let us keep in our prayers these new brothers and sisters in Christ, some known only to God, and all Christians being persecuted for their faith throughout the world.

Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, Islam's most prominent cleric, on why Islam is still with us.

Regarding the lethal punishment for those who leave Islam, it is rooted in the Koran, the hadiths, and in all schools of Islamic jurisprudence, both Sunni and Shi'ite:

“They wish you would disbelieve as they disbelieved so you would be alike. So do not take from among them allies until they emigrate for the cause of Allah. But if they turn away, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them and take not from among them any ally or helper.” (Koran 4:89) 
Muhammad said: “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him” (Hadith from Bukhari 9.84.57). 
The death penalty for apostasy is part of Islamic law according to all the schools of Islamic jurisprudence. Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the most prominent Muslim cleric in the world, openly boasted on Egyptian television: “If they had gotten rid of the apostasy punishment, Islam wouldn’t exist today.”

Islam's death penalty for apostasy is yet another proof that the false and bloodthirsty Allah of Islam cannot be the same as the True God worshiped by Christians. The True God sends His only Son, who lays down His life for His sheep:
"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved." (John 3:16-17)

When a village of Samaritans refused to welcome Jesus because "his face was set towards Jerusalem", James and John asked if they could "call down fire from heaven to consume them, even as Elijah did". But Jesus sharply rebuked them, saying:
“You do not know what manner of spirit you are of.  For the Son of Man did not come to destroy men’s lives but to save them.” And they went to another village. (Luke 9:51-56)

Islam does destroy men's lives. Whenever it becomes strong enough, Islam always chooses to destroy. The Koran commands it. Muhammad set the example for all Muslims for all time. That is the spirit at the heart of Islam, the spirit of "Apollyon, the Destroyer" (cf. Rev 9:11).

Islam condemns and kills because it has no truth, no light, no life in itself, and therefore it must threaten and kill to survive. Whereas Christ promised us that if we follow Him, we will be persecuted, but to not fear those who can only kill the body, but cannot harm the soul. And Christ further promises us that even the gates of hell (of which Islam is a major force) can not prevail against His Church. So let us persevere in our struggles, so that we may be found within His Church — His Bride! — when He returns in glory!  Amen!

"Muslim Migrants Converting To Christianity Fear Murderous Islamic Retaliation In Europe,"
by Chris Tomlinson, Breitbart News, April 15, 2016 (thanks to Jihad Watch):

A Muslim family converting to Christianity in Berlin.

Many migrants who are recent converts to Christianity fear retaliation from Muslims and that converting may become a “death sentence.”

One of the more surprising aspects of the migrant crisis has been the number of Muslims from places like Syria and Afghanistan, that have been converting to Christianity in Austrian churches. The Archdioceses of the Austrian capital in Vienna can hardly keep up with the requests as they get five to ten per week.

So far this year 83 percent of the recorded adult baptisms into the Catholic faith have been Muslims compared to 2015 when they were only 33 percent reports Kurier.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Women and Children First

The code of chivalry from the Edwardian Era has a completely different meaning in today’s Europe.

'Women and Children First', painting by Fortunino Matania (1912).

by Ralph H. Sidway

The Munk Debate of April 1 revealed something we feared existed but had never before seen in such naked and shameless display: a misogyny far worse — if one can believe it — than that baked into Islam’s DNA. The Left’s premier statesmen and scholars openly mocked virtuous men who had the temerity to condemn Muslim refugee sexual assaults on our sisters and daughters and sons. 

But that is not all. Following the debate the Left’s twitter feeds lit up with denunciations of the facts presented by Nigel Farage and Mark Steyn. “Very dubious… lynch-mob rumours… urban myths” they sneered, and in their derision of the messengers proved they match and even exceed the misogyny of their exalted peers.

The facts can’t be sneered away, not when they include, as Mark Steyn noted,
hundreds and hundreds of Continental media reports”  [each word a separate link], chief among them the nearly 500 sexual assaults by Muslim migrants in Cologne, and “mass coordinated gang assaults in Bielefeld, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Stuttgart - totaling just shy of 2,000 victims.”

Other European and Scandinavian countries suffered just as badly. "Never seen anything like this before" is the common headline concerning the "Unreal Surge in Refugee Sex Attacks."

If you want more linked reports of Muslim refugee rape (and terrorism and other) crimes in Europe, sift through the past seven months here. Add in the UK's Rotherham Muslim rape gangs over the past decade and the numbers are so vast as to be apocalyptic.

But since they sound so much more convincing in German, here are a few of Steyn’s specific citations:

SPECIAL APPEAL: Help support our Orthodox brothers and sisters in Kosovo!

This is an appeal for a joint fundraising project of the Decani Monastery Relief Fund and the ROCOR Fund for Assistance. Please consider giving to help meet their April 21 fundraising goal!

The Kosovo diet: cabbage Monday through Saturday...

With your help, our Serbian brothers and sisters can get the help they need.

Thanks to your incredible support, we have collected over $10,000 for our Orthodox brothers and sisters in Kosovo!

But the humanitarian crisis is not over for the Orthodox Serbs.

Friday, April 8, 2016

The Muslim Migrant Invasion and the Collapse of Europe

This story — literally “ripped from the headlines” — writes itself. 

Wayyy back in September 2015, I began grabbing links on the Muslim Migrant Crisis in Europe, copying and pasting them into a doc to use as resources for my own future articles. 

Before I knew it, the headlines outstripped my ability to keep up. I think I may have only written a few original articles on the subject in the six months since (On Refugees, be ‘Wise as Serpents’, EUROPE'S LONG, DARK FUTURE — Lara Logan, UK Rape Gangs, and Europe’s Muslim Mob Sex Assaults, and ‘Sandboxing Islam’ Revisited). 

So, despairing of ever being able to “catch up” and cobble together a coherent article, I got the idea of bringing back the “Link Dump.” 

In this case, the Link Dump may actually make the case better than any amount of persuasive writing. Our progressively more fractured attention span, overwhelmed by the rapid news cycle and competing sensory inputs we face any given minute, is unable to appreciate just how disastrous Germany’s and Europe’s immigration policy really is. 

Many Christians may feel inclined to support unlimited immigration from the Middle East and Africa. Coptic Bishop Angaelos of England certainly does. But in spite of whatever sentimental feelings we may harbor in reaction to the genuine suffering of millions of displaced persons in the Middle East (the direct result of United States policy in toppling legitimate governments and aiding Muslim extremist groups), it is important for us to consider the disastrous effects of mass resettlement of Muslim refugees in Western societies. Hence the need for this list of linked news stories to document the scale of this migrant crisis.

Or consider this: even in Jesus' parable of the Good Samaritan, the kindly Samaritan does not take the injured wayfarer into his own home, but treats his wounds and sets him up in an inn, providing money to the innkeeper for his care. Likewise, the solution Western governments should provide is not mass immigration but the creation of refugee safe zones with proper accommodations, food, lodging, medicine, etc.

In the headlines below — arranged in reverse chronological order — we get a stark, shocking, real-time look at only the most recent seven months of the mass Muslim invasion and collapse of Western Europe. 

Thursday, April 7, 2016

VIDEO: Mark Steyn Blisters Leftists Who Mocked Victims of Muslim Rape Gangs

UPDATE: I'm deeply humbled to discover that Mr. Steyn himself picked up my post from Jihad Watch (where it was originally posted) and quoted it at his site. I strongly recommend reading my post below, watching the 6 minute video clip to see Mr. Steyn's strong and honorable example of righteous anger on behalf of raped and victimized women and children in Europe. Then click over to Mark Steyn's follow-up post where he provides the much needed service of fact checking for naysayers who are trying to claim that Muslim migrant sexual assaults of native Europeans is simply not happening. Shame on them for defending Islam, and bravo to Mark Steyn for defending the weak and vulnerable.

Mark Steyn delivers withering assault against pro mass immigration liberals who openly mocked the young victims of gang rape by Muslim migrants in Europe.

I am ashamed to admit I didn't grasp the importance of the Munk Debate held last week in Toronto. But now I do, and I feel it is my duty to share this particular exchange so as to try to win some hearts and minds over to the side of sanity, prudence and caution when it comes to the question of mass Muslim refugee resettlement and immigration to Europe and North America.

Held in Toronto’s Roy Thompson Hall on Friday, April 1, the Munk Debate put forward the following motion concerning refugee policy: “Be it resolved: Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” Arguing the pro side: Louise Arbour, former UN Human Rights commissioner, and historian Simon Schama. Opposed to the motion: journalist Mark Steyn and Britain’s UKIP party leader Nigel Farage. 

Many Christians may feel inclined to be in favor of the motion. Coptic Bishop Angaelos of England certainly does. But in spite of whatever sentimental feelings we may harbor in reaction to the genuine suffering of millions of displaced persons in the Middle East (the direct result of United States policy in toppling legitimate governments and aiding Muslim extremist groups), it is important for us to consider the disastrous effects of mass resettlement of Muslim refugees in Western societies. It sounds altruistic, until it is your daughter or niece or nephew who has been gang raped by a mob of Muslim men or blown apart by Muslim terrorists. Just check the headlines from the last several months to see the extent of the Muslim migrant crisis.

Or consider this: even in Jesus' parable of the Good Samaritan, the kindly Samaritan does not take the injured wayfarer into his own home, but treats his wounds and sets him up in an inn, providing money to the innkeeper for his care. Likewise, the solution Western governments should provide is not mass immigration but the creation of refugee safe zones with proper accommodations, food, lodging, medicine, etc.

The Munk tradition is to poll the audience before and again after the debate. The first poll was 77% in favor of the motion, 23% opposed. After the debate, the pro side dropped to 55% and the con leapt up to 45%, a huge, 22% shift, revealing how a dynamic elaboration of the facts of the case can persuade people of the dangers of welcoming mass numbers from an alien culture into Western societies.

Barbara Kay writing at the National Post described what she considered to be the point at which the opinion of the room began to shift towards the "con" position:

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

An Islamic Apocalypse in Brussels

"So long as Islam calls for jihad against those who reject Allah and his prophet, so long will attacks like Brussels (and the countless before it) continue."

by Raymond IbrahimMarch 22, 2016 

Islamic jihad struck Brussels yesterday morning—first at Brussels Airport and then at a metro station 400 meters from EU headquarters—leaving at least 34 people dead and 230 injured. It was an apocalyptic scene according to survivors, “with blood and dismembered bodies everywhere,” even “thrown in to the air.”  One man recalled the “horror. I saw at least seven people dead. There was blood. People had lost legs. You could see their bodies but no legs.”

Witnesses heard the attackers yelling in Arabic moments before the bombs—one of which contained nails—detonated.  Other jihadi trademarks—including an unexploded suicide vest and a Kalashnikov rifle beside the body of a slain terrorist—were found.  Islam’s ancient war tactic of blending in with non-Muslims was also implemented.

Horrific as the attack is, its inspiration and Western responses to it are all too typical—meaning, as I opined last year after the Paris massacre, “many more such attacks and worse will continue.  Count on it.”

First, as happened on 9/11, Muslims around the world—those unnamed millions the media refer to as “ISIS supporters”—celebrated, including by once again handing out candy and shouting Islam’s victory war cry, “Allahu Akbar.” Yes, that ancient Islamic hate was back in the air and rampant on social media.  “We are not just clapping, but we are happy again. We are smiling, we are laughing and we are joyful like it’s a day of celebration,” tweeted one ISIS sympathizer.  Another wrote:  “#Brussels, if you continue your war against the religion of Allah then this is our response.”  Another wrote: “What a beautiful day today.  F*** Belgium.” Yet another wrote, “A lot of duas [Muslim prayers] were answered today.”

Still, most Muslim sympathizers were quick to portray their bloodlust as a product of grievances against the West: “the most common remark under the hashtag was ‘You declared war against us and bombed us, and we attack you inside your homeland.’ Another popular reaction from ISIS supports on Twitter was that the Brussels attacks were intended to avenge the Muslims’ blood that was spilled in Mosul in a series of airstrikes by the Western coalition over the wekend.”

Meanwhile, and as usual, in its communiques to fellow Muslims, IeSIS articulated the attack through a distinctly Islamic paradigm.  It even signaled the attack with the words, “We have come to you with slaughter”—an assertion based on the Muslim prophet Muhammad’s words to a non-Muslim tribe that refused to submit to Islam: “I have come to you with slaughter.”

If this assertion is not clear enough concerning the intent and mission of Muhammad—and those who seek to follow him—another canonical assertion attributed to him and regularly quoted by jihadis, including over a decade ago in the opening paragraph of al-Qaeda’s “Declaration of War against Americans,” has the prophet saying:

I have been sent with the sword between my hands to ensure that no one but Allah is worshipped—Allah who put my livelihood under the shadow of my spear and who inflicts humiliation and scorn on those who disobey my commandments (The Al Qaeda Reader, p.12).

Monday, April 4, 2016

Integration is Not the Answer to Muslim Terrorism

"What is often described as 'radicalization' is really a choice by 'integrated' Muslims to become religious and to act on their beliefs."

Quite so. And their beliefs are in a false god and false prophet.

Our primary response to Islam as Orthodox Christians is to truly live our faith 100%, to provide a vigorous, inspiring alternative to Muslims who likewise reject the secular apostasy and decadence they see all around. We know and worship the True God. Let us strive to incarnate Him in our lives!

I have quoted the following in my book, and repeatedly here on the blog, because it is true. Islam's global ascendancy, the age of jihad, and the new age of Christian martyrdom under the sword of Islam is one of the primary signs of the "age of absurdity" which Fr. Seraphim speaks of:

"Christian compromise in thought and word and negligence in deed have opened the way to the triumph of the forces of the absurd, of Satan, of Antichrist. The present age of absurdity is the just reward of Christians who have failed to be Christians.

"It is futile, in fact it is precisely absurd, to speak of reforming society, of changing the path of history, of emerging into an age beyond absurdity, if we have not Christ in our hearts; and if we do have Christ in our hearts, nothing else matters.

"Now one cannot be a half-hearted Christian, but only entirely or not at all."

This is an excellent article, which analyzes the deeper motivations behind Muslims who choose to follow Islam and Muhammad 100%. 

Integration is Not the Answer to Muslim Terrorism
by Daniel Greenfield, Frontpage Magazine, April 1, 2016:

Anjem Coudary.

There is a famous photo of Anjem Choudary, the head of multiple banned organizations calling for imposing Sharia law on the UK whose follower was responsible for the Lee Rigby beheading, getting drunk as a young law student. Friends recall "Andy" smoking pot and taking LSD, sleeping around and partying all the time. Andy was really well integrated, but he still turned back into Anjem.

While the proliferation of segregated Muslim areas, no-go zones in which English, French or Dutch is the foreign language, is a major problem, it is a mistake to think that "integration" solves Islamic terrorism.

It doesn't.

The Tsarnaev brothers who carried out the Boston Marathon bombings seemed integrated. Nobody noticed anything wrong with Syed Rizwan Farook, the San Bernardino shooter, or Faisal Shahzad, the Times Square bomber. They weren't lurking in a no-go zone. They had American friends, an education and career options if they wanted them. They didn't want them. And that's the point.

Bilal Abdullah was a British-born doctor who tried to carry out a terrorist attack at Glasgow International Airport. He wasn't marginalized, jobless or desperate. He had a cause.

"Islamic terrorists have not been alienated by our rejection. They champion an alien creed that rejects us."

Quite a few converts have become Muslim terrorists. If integration were the issue, white converts to Islam wouldn't be running off to join ISIS or plotting terrorist attacks like Don Stewart-Whyte, who converted to Islam and planned to blow up planes headed from the UK to the US. Along with his friend Oliver Savant, the son of a secular Iranian father and British mother, they are the reason why you can't carry liquids onto a plane.

Muslim terrorism is not caused by failed integration, but by a conscious disintegration. What is often described as "radicalization" is really a choice by "integrated" Muslims to become religious and to act on their beliefs. Muslim men who formerly dressed casually begin growing beards and wearing Salafist garb. They consciously reject what Western society has to offer because they have chosen Islam instead.

Islamic terrorists have not been alienated by our rejection. They champion an alien creed that rejects us.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Message to Muslims: Time Again for some Serious Questions

The Christian response to the Brussels jihad mass murders is to ask Muslims how this affects their conscience. And invite them to repent and turn to Jesus Christ.

Jesus receives the Prodigal Son, who returns to him in repentance...

I have posted similar "Message to Muslims" before. There was this post following the brutal murder and near-beheading of drummer Lee Rigby by two British Muslims in London in May 2013. This was more than a year before the official announcement of the Islamic State. Then there is this post following the Chattanooga jihad attack by a former "moderate" Muslim in July 2015. How many more Muslim terrorist attacks since then!

Muslim persecution of Christians more than doubled from 2014 to 2015. Muslim jihad terrorist attacks have sharply increased in the United States and Europe. In the U.S. we have a "full blown Islamic insurgency": The FBI has active investigations into ISIS supporters in all 56 of its field offices in every state in the Union, with over 70 arrests and 300 active cases as of last Autumn. The US government's terrorist watch list has over 700,000 names on it.

Statistics paint a bleak picture. Support for jihad is at 20% among American Muslims. Another study shows over 50% of U.S. Muslims want sharia, 60% of young Muslims more loyal to Islam than U.S. The most recent Pew survey shows between 63 million and 287 million Muslims worldwide support the Islamic State. Huge crowds of Muslims cheered and celebrated in the streets of Belgium after the Brussels jihad attacks last week.

You, Muslim reader of this blog, where do you stand?  Do you cheer and support murder and slaughter commanded by your false god and false prophet? Or do you still have a conscience, and know that killing is wrong?

St Gregory Palamas on Islam

As we come to the end of the third week of Lent in the Orthodox Church, let us revisit the teachings of St Gregory Palamas (14th c.), commemorated last Sunday:

This impious people [the Muslim Turks] boast of their victory over the Rom (the Byzantines) attributing it to their love of God. This is because they do not understand that this world below dwells in sin, and that evil men possess the greater part of it… That is why, down to the time of Constantine… the idolators have almost always held power over the world...
As for Muhammad, we do not see that the Prophets bear witness of him, nor do we have the witness of him performing any miracles and noteworthy works.
It is true that Muhammad started from the east and came to the west, as the sun travels from east to west. Nevertheless he came with war, knives, pillaging, forced enslavement, murders, and acts that are not from the good God but instigated by the chief manslayer, the devil. 

In the Church of the Holy Wisdom

“In the past year, at night, when we are outside, the smell of incense that you Christians burn in church overpowers us.”

A Greek journalist writes: “I met Ishmael who is Turkish in 1975, in England, where I was attending university. We became good friends and after graduating we kept in touch. Ishmael lives in Istanbul (Constantinople), a stone’s throw from Hagia Sophia. Recently he wrote a letter to me. “In the past year, at night, when we are outside, the smell of incense that you Christians burn in church overpowers us.”