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Turkey Seizes 50 Syriac Churches and Monasteries, Declares Them State Property

Islamic supremacism ratchets up its already relentless jihad against the tiny Christian remnant in Turkey. 

According to government reports cited by Wikipedia, Islam makes up between 96.4% and 99.8% of Turkey's population, with a tiny fraction ( less than 0.2%) being Christian. The Christians in Turkey are being hounded to oblivion, as can be seen by the shocking decline of their population just over the last hundred years:

The percentage of Christians in Turkey fell from 19% (or perhaps as high as 25% of the population of 16 million) in 1914 to 7% percent in 1927, due to events which had a significant impact on the country's demographic structure, such as the Armenian Genocide... and the Istanbul pogrom of 6–7 September 1955.

There were 236 churches in Turkey as of approximately five years ago, with at least nine churches named Hagia Sophia turned into mosques since then, and now 50 more churches and monasteries closed. That is a reduction in places of worship of 25% for the oppressed Christian populace.

The pattern is clear.  The forerunner of Antichrist continues its satanic war against the Church. But the Lord promises us, "The gates of hell shall not prevail against her" (MT 16:18).


Erdogan Seizes 50 Syriac Churches and Monasteries, Declares Them Turkish State Property

by Patrick Poole, PJ Media, June 27, 2017 (Thanks to Jihad Watch):

The Turkish Directorate of Religious Affairs (Diyanet) has seized control of at least 50 Syriac churches, monasteries, and cemeteries in Mardin province, report media sources from Turkey…

The Turkish-Armenian daily Agos reports:

After Mardin became a Metropolitan Municipality, its villages were officially turned into neighbourhoods as per the law and attached to the provincial administration. Following the legislative amendment introduced in late 2012, the Governorate of Mardin established a liquidation committee. The Liquidation Committee started to redistribute in the city, the property of institutions whose legal entity had expired. The transfer and liquidation procedures are still ongoing.

In 2016, the Transfer, Liquidation and Redistribution Committee of Mardin Governorate transferred to primarily the Treasury as well as other relevant public institutions numerous churches, monasteries, cemeteries and other assets of the Syriac community in the districts of Mardin.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Muslim Prayers at Hagia Sophia - A Sign Calling Us to Repent

Islamic prayers were recently held at the Hagia Sophia in former Constantinople in a televised event attended by Turkish officials and strongly condemned by the Greek Foreign Ministry. 

This is yet another highly symbolic event inked to this great and ancient church building, which we Orthodox Christians must respond to...

There has been a growing movement within Turkey for several years demanding the re-conversion into a mosque of Hagia Sophia — for centuries the greatest church in all of Christendom. The great church was turned into a mosque in 1453 after the Muslim Turks conquered Constantinople and subjugated the surviving Christian inhabitants. Following the defeat of the Ottoman empire in World War I, the new leader of the secular state of Turkey, Kemal Ataturk, in 1935 put a stop to Islamic prayers in Hagia Sophia, and had it converted into a museum.

Ever since Recep Tayyip Erdogan came to power in Turkey in 2003, calls for turning Hagia Sophia back into a functioning mosque have been steadily increasing. Following one such occurrence in May 2014, I wrote the following:

Muslim Prayers at Hagia Sophia - A Sign Calling Us to Repent 

Erdogan has set his sights on Hagia Sophia, to turn the once luminous church structure into a dark and oppressive mosque again. Such a symbolic achievement would appear to Muslims as a second conquering of Christendom, bolstering Erdogan's push to reinstitute the Islamic caliphate, with Turkey at its head. 
Islam must have such temporal victories and exert political and military domination in order to justify its existence, as Muhammad's successes in battle, culminating in his retaking of Mecca ten years after being driven out in weakness and disgrace, forever set the example for Muslims to follow. 
But worldly success and temporal victories and kingdoms are not the Christian way. 
Christians follow Jesus the Christ, the Son of the Living God, who "had no place to lay His head," who emptied Himself, taking the form of a servant, and who submitted Himself fully to the divine will of the Father, even to the point of death on the cross. Here we have no city, but are called to be pilgrims and aliens, journeying to our heavenly homeland. In the radical words of our Lord Jesus Christ, we are called to take up our cross and follow Him. As Fr Seraphim Rose put it:

"Let us not, who would be Christians, expect anything else from it than to be crucified. For to be a Christian is to be crucified, in this time and in any time since Christ came for the first time. 
"His life is the example—and warning—to us all. We must be crucified personally, mystically; for through crucifixion is the only path to resurrection. If we would rise with Christ, we must first be humbled with Him—even to the ultimate humiliation, being devoured and spit forth by the uncomprehending world. 
"And we must be crucified outwardly, in the eyes of the world; for Christ's Kingdom is not of this world, and the world cannot bear it, even in a single representation of it, even for a single moment."

If the Muslims convert Hagia Sophia into a mosque a second time, then we Christians must see in this God's providential will. If God allows the enemy to reconquer Christian symbols, then we must take it as a warning to not place our trust in mere symbols, but in the Real and True Son of God Himself. We must allow such calamities to spur us on to ever deepening faith and ever more fervent repentance.  
As Islam and the other forces of evil wage open warfare against Christ and His Church in these last times, we are called to be faithful to the end. And if we remain faithful, then, like the Lord, we shall find our victory mystically concealed in our Golgotha.

Scroll down for the latest news story in this drama which extends back to the early Islamic sieges of Constantinople...

FGM and Islam’s Mutilation of… Everything

Rather than an outlier Muslim practice held over from its pagan desert origins, female genital mutilation must be seen in its wider context of Islam's view of women, and as an especially shocking indicator of the true nature of the 'god' of Islam.

This is my first original essay on Islam in some time. Let me remind all my readers, while we must always stand for Christ the Way, the Truth and the Life, and stand against Islam and every lie and heresy which denies Him, we must at the same time love and approach our Muslim neighbors and invite them to come to know the true Jesus that they may have eternal life. Those whom the Father draws will come to Him, and we must be open-hearted and ready to help them in their journey.

Put another way, respect for a lie shows contempt for the Truth. Respect for our neighbor shows love for the Truth.

This is the final installment in a 7-part series on Islam and FGM: 

FGM and Islam’s Mutilation of… Everything.

by Ralph H. Sidway, June 26, 2017:

1. Introduction

The recent Federal Department of Justice case in Michigan against a pair of Muslim doctors — one as perpetrator, the other providing access to his clinic — accused of performing female genital mutilation against several young girls, has suddenly put FGM into the spotlight.

A recent statement from the DOJ indicates their investigation leads them to believe that “up to 100 girls” may have had their genitals cut by the Michigan FGM ring. There are even accusations a Michigan mosque paid for genital cuttings. In a related story, a Muslim imam at a mosque with multiple terror ties is recorded as endorsing FGM.

Most recently, two Oakland County Muslimas have been arrested and charged with subjecting their young daughters to the Islamic practice of genital cutting, bringing the total number of arrests in the federal case to six. And the attorneys for the Muslim doctors have indicated they will be defending their clients based on religious liberty. If they win, female genital mutilation will be a protected practice of the Islamic religion.

Robert Spencer distills the main Islamic sources which established FGM in Muslim culture fourteen centuries ago:

“Circumcision is obligatory (for every male and female) (by cutting off the piece of skin on the glans of the penis of the male, but circumcision of the female is by cutting out the bazr ‘clitoris’ [this is called khufaadh ‘female circumcision’]).” — ‘Umdat al-Salik e4.3, translated by Mark Durie, The Third Choice, p. 64

Why is it obligatory? Because Muhammad is held to have said so:

“Abu al- Malih ibn Usama’s father relates that the Prophet said: ‘Circumcision is a law for men and a preservation of honour for women.’” — Ahmad Ibn Hanbal 5:75
“Narrated Umm Atiyyah al-Ansariyyah: A woman used to perform circumcision in Medina. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said to her: ‘Do not cut severely as that is better for a woman and more desirable for a husband.’” — Abu Dawud 41:5251
“Do not cut severely,” but not “Do not cut.”

That’s why it is so common around the world, and why it is certain to become increasingly common in the United States…

2. Children of Islam

There is a classic saying, “A civilization is judged by how it treats its weakest members.” Needless to say, for taking a razor blade to its daughters’ most tender and vulnerable parts, Islam should be judged quite harshly.

But there is a bit more to Islam’s tendency to mutilate than only FGM. Mutilation is a disturbing psychological thread which is woven throughout the entire tapestry of Muslim culture.

Consider how many Muslim societies rob children of their childhood, teaching them to hate, to kill, even to behead infidels. Organizations like Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) and The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) report and archive Muslim hate broadcasts such as these:

Saturday, June 24, 2017

American Christianity declines as Martyrs of the Middle East bear Powerful Witness to Christ

"Perhaps some today find Christianity irrelevant to their lives because they have never seriously encountered the Orthodox experience of Jesus Christ."

American Christianity declines as the Martyrs of the Middle East bear Powerful Witness to Christ

Homily for the Sunday After the Ascension in the Orthodox Church
by Fr Philip LeMasters, Pravoslavie, June 2, 2017:

A recent survey of Americans about religion is getting a lot of attention, especially because it shows that fewer people now identify themselves as Christians and more consider themselves unaffiliated with any religion. Perhaps at least part of the reason for these declines is that many people have not found something worth living and dying for in the churches with which they are familiar.

Their experience reflects the failure of so much Christianity in our culture to embody with integrity the good news that we celebrate during this season of the Ascension, which invites us to participate personally in the fulfillment of our humanity in the risen and ascended Savior. The Lord went up into heaven forty days after His resurrection. In Him, humanity and divinity are united in one Person; He rises into heaven as the God-Man. His Ascension shows that the Son shares in the glory that He had with the Father and the Holy Spirit before the creation of the world.

"The power of the risen and ascended Son of God continues in the Church, especially in the witness of the martyrs to this day who share in a victory that is not of this world."

And He brings us into that glory with Him. The Ascension is a brilliant icon of our salvation, for it makes clear that our Lord has raised us in all dimensions of our existence—not only from the tomb, not only from Hades—but into the eternal life of the Holy Trinity. In the ascended Christ, we truly become participants in God, partakers of the divine nature by grace even as we live and breathe in a world that so often forgets the One Who spoke it into existence.

Friday, June 23, 2017

VIDEO: 'Was Islam ever a religion of peace?'

While it is still possible to post theological refutations of Islam on the internet, let us not hesitate to do so, for the day is fast approaching when Truth will be banned from the public square, as seen in the recent sharia law enacted in Minneapolis, and in the new resolution criminalizing free speech put forth in the US Senate.

Was Islam ever a religion of peace?

Excerpted from the writings of St Sophronius of Jerusalem and St Gregory Palamas
From the YouTube Channel of Gregory Decapolite, February 22, 2015.

Follow these links for more on the writings of St Sophronius and St Gregory Palamas on Islam...

Let us repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand...

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Minneapolis Installs Sharia Hotline to report criticism of Islam, declares Muslims 'protected class'

Under the Pact of Omar, the dhimma contract, and Sharia law, conquered Christians are not allowed to criticize Islam, and are even forbidden from teaching their families and congregations about Islam. 

Looks like Minneapolis has just accepted the terms of the dhimma, surrendered to Islam, and is paying her jizya up front with this unconstitutional law.

Those who have been following the global jihad threat and Muslim extremism in America know that Minneapolis is a cesspool of Islamic terrorism and jihad activities.

Watch for a mass exodus of wise Christians from Minneapolis, now that it is in the dar al-Islam.

Minneapolis installs Shariah hotline for ‘hate speech’ snitches

by Leo Hohmann, WND, June 21, 2017:

The city of Minneapolis has set up a hotline for residents to report suspected hate crimes, including “speech and actions,” according to statements on the city’s website.

The city, which will operate the “service” through its 3-1-1 helpline, is targeting any “harassing behaviors motivated by prejudice,” according to a press release. Those wishing to report a hate crime from outside the city may dial 612-673-3000.

According to the local newspaper, the Star-Tribune, “the announcement comes amid signs of a recent surge of such incidents affecting Muslims and Jews across the country, many of which go unreported.”

The city’s Department of Civil Rights clearly states on its website that it only enforces hate crimes against certain “protected classes.”

Friday, June 16, 2017

New Documentary on Muhammad and Islam - VIDEO

'Through the Lens of Muhammad's Life' by William DiPuccio, presents a clear and straightforward survey of Islam. 

Suitable for viewing and sharing with any age group from mid-teens and older, this professionally produced video benefits from a sober, academic presentation style devoid of polemics or agenda. Rather, it's agenda is to present the truth about Islam and Muhammad from Islam's own primary sources, yet without obscuring the unpleasant facts about the founder of Islam.

A seven page, descriptive chronology of Muhammad’s life is also available with the video.

This documentary (and the supplemental chronology) is a serious teaching tool which can also be shared with Muslims, many of whom may not have been given the full picture Muhammad's life, actions, and directives. Seeing Islam through the lens of Muhammad's life is essential for anyone seeking to understand Islam in the 21st century.

As I watched this video, I was struck by how, without ever stating it, Bill DiPuccio manages to perfectly convey the truth of Jesus Christ's words:

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Symposium and Services venerating today's Christian Martyrs under the Sword of Islam

St Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary has announced a landmark event for its annual Orthodox Education Day, October 7, 2017:

- Christians of the Middle East and North Africa -

Orthodox Education Day - October 7, 2017
  • 10AM - Divine Liturgy
  • Public Lectures, Children's Activities
  • Coffee, Ethnic Food, Icon Display, Book Sale
  • Akathist Service  to the New Martyrs
  • Free Admission to SVS Grounds

Click to enlarge for event info.

We look forward with hope that this gathering truly honors the heroic New Martyrs and Confessors of Jesus Christ, who refuse to submit to or worship a false god and false prophet, but faithfully witness — even unto death — to Jesus Christ as Lord and God.  These 'Modern Martyrs' — men, women and children — are a powerful sign of faith and light in our age of lukewarmness, apostasy, darkness, and insanity.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Samia the Confessor of Egypt

"We very well know our path, we know our place very well is in faithful hands. Our God is a strong God. He is a God of love. He gave us to love and not to hate."

Samia the Confessor

Translated by M.G., Coptic Orthodox Scientist, May 29, 2017 (Thanks to Fr Steven):

English transcript of an interview with one of the survivors of the shooting that occurred on May 26, 2017 in Minya, Egypt against the Coptic Christians. Samia lost most of her family and she continues to reflect the light of Christ, confessing her faith and love.

(0 minutes to 10:03 minutes):

Interviewer: I want you to tell me your name.

Samia: Samia Adly Ibrahim

Interviewer: Madam Samia, this isn’t easy, right?

Samia: Thank God. Believe me, we are comforted. I am not upset about those who went to heaven, believe me. I placed them in safe hands, better than the world and the problems of the world, all the bad things in the world. They left on the feast of the Ascension. And their dad came from America to have them around him.

Interviewer: Tell me first, where are you from?

Samia: I am from Nazlet Hanna in Fashn.

Interviewer: Fahn is in Bani Suef?

Samia: Yes

Interviewer: So that day, tell me from the beginning what happened?

Samia: what happened is that we were going to the monastery of Anba Samuel. We headed out in the faithfulness of God, singing with joy. And we were about to arrive and they attacked us. The blessing came to us.

Interviewer: “the blessing”?

Samia: Mm, blessing.

Interviewer: These criminals, these terrorists, you call them “the blessing”?

Samia: Yes, may God bless them and protect them.

Interviewer: bless who?

Samia: Bless the demons, to show them His way. Of course, God will reveal Himself for these people and He will show them His way one day. Because they are absent-minded. They do not know the strong faith. If they know the strong faith, they would not have seen the people who are faithful, the ones who know God, and hurt them. We were going to a holy place, we were going to pray in a holy place, to become comforted and joyous by it. So, they don’t want us to be joyful in the world. We don’t have a place in the world, believe me. We have a place in heaven. This world has no use. Plants, and at the end we will go to Paradise. We very well know our path, we know our place very well is in faithful hands. Our God is a strong God. He is a God of love. He gave us to love and not to hate.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

MASS JIHAD in the UK: Muslims screaming 'this is for Allah' murder 7 at FIVE locations in London

"Jihadi terrorists shouting ‘this is for Allah’ have reportedly killed seven people after mowing down up to 20 with a white van on London Bridge and stabbing revellers with 12-inch hunting knives."

The 'Same God Heresy' becomes increasingly difficult to defend, as followers of the bloodthirsty Allah seek to please him through yet more jihad mass murders — as commanded in the Quran and in imitation of Muhammad. 

Further reporting on the London Attacks:

Jihadi terrorists shouting ‘this is for Allah’ kill seven in knife frenzy at ‘FIVE’ locations in the capital:
Hunt for men with 12in blades who began the rampage by mowing down revellers on London Bridge 
by Ekin Karasin, Mailonline, June 3, 2017 (thanks to Jihad Watch):

Jihadi terrorists shouting ‘this is for Allah’ have reportedly killed seven people after mowing down up to 20 with a white van on London Bridge and stabbing revellers with 12-inch hunting knives.

The men, described as being ‘of Mediterranean origin’, reportedly drove the van at 50mph across the bridge, then jumped out and began ‘randomly stabbing people’ along Borough High Street in central London at 10pm.

One woman said she saw three people with what appeared to be their throats cut at London Bridge. There are also reports that a bystander was shot in the head in the crossfire and at least seven people have been stabbed.

One person has been killed at London Bridge – and one of the casualties is reportedly a police officer.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Coptic Martyrs and their Forgiving Families - Seeds of the Church in Egypt

“When people see this attitude [of forgiveness] from Christians and the church, they ask themselves, ‘What kind of power is this?’” he said. “But with this witness we must also declare the message of Christ, which we are fulfilling—literally. We may not see the response immediately. But we will in the near future.”

The Lord's grace is present and real among the Coptic faithful, as they persevere through the valley of the shadow of death, bearing their heavy cross of mass martyrdom, following Christ to their own Golgotha. Their profound faith — and their forgiveness of their Muslim persecutors — may be planting seeds for a new Orthodox Christian harvest in Egypt. May it be so!

Forgiveness: Muslims Moved as Coptic Christians Do the Unimaginable

Amid ISIS attacks, faithful response inspires Egyptian society.
by Jayson Casper, ChristianityToday, April 20, 2017

Coffins are carried to the funeral of Egyptian Christians killed in Palm Sunday bombings. (Photo: Mohamed El-Shahed/AFP)

Twelve seconds of silence is an awkward eternity on television. Amr Adeeb, perhaps the most prominent talk show host in Egypt, leaned forward as he searched for a response.

“The Copts of Egypt … are made of … steel!” he finally uttered.

Moments earlier, Adeeb was watching a colleague in a simple home in Alexandria speak with the widow of Naseem Faheem, the guard at St. Mark’s Cathedral in the seaside Mediterranean city.

On Palm Sunday, the guard had redirected a suicide bomber through the perimeter metal detector, where the terrorist detonated. Likely the first to die in the blast, Faheem saved the lives of dozens inside the church.

“I’m not angry at the one who did this,” said his wife, children by her side. “I’m telling him, ‘May God forgive you, and we also forgive you. Believe me, we forgive you.’

“‘You put my husband in a place I couldn’t have dreamed of.’”

Stunned, Adeeb stammered about Copts bearing atrocities over hundreds of years, but couldn’t escape the central scandal.

“How great is this forgiveness you have!” his voice cracked. “If it were my father, I could never say this. But this is their faith and religious conviction.”

Millions marveled with him across the airwaves of Egypt.

So also did millions of Copts, recently rediscovering their ancient heritage, according to Ramez Atallah, president of the Bible Society of Egypt which subtitled and recirculated the satellite TV clip.

“In the history and culture of the Copts, there is much taught about martyrdom,” he told CT. “But until Libya, it was only in the textbooks—though deeply ingrained.”

The Islamic State in Libya kidnapped and beheaded 21 mostly Coptic Christians in February 2015. CT previously reported the message of forgiveness issued by their families and the witness it provided.

“Since then, there has been a paradigm shift,” said Atallah. “Our ancestors lived and believed this message, but we never had to.”

Monday, May 29, 2017

The Fall of an Empire ~ The Lesson of Byzantium (VIDEO)

May 29 is the anniversary of the defeat of Constantinople in 1453 by the Ottoman Muslims. This fine documentary, scripted and hosted by Archimandrite Tikhon (Shevkunov), Abbot of Sretensky Monastery in Moscow, presents a uniquely Russian Orthodox perspective on the history and fall of Byzantium, and the lessons to be drawn from the world's greatest and longest-enduring empire.

h/t to Fr Thomas Soroka

The Fall of Constantinople, 29 May 1453

"The great doors of Saint Sophia were forced open, and crowds of angry soldiers came in and fell upon the unfortunate worshippers. Pillaging and killing in the holy place went on for hours. Similar was the fate of worshippers in most churches in the city..."

by Dionysios Hatzopoulos, Romiosini:

In the city everyone realized that the fateful moment had come. In the city, while the bells of the churches rang mournfully, citizens and soldiers joined a long procession behind the holy relics brought out of the churches. Singing hymns, men, women, children, soldiers, civilians, clergy, monks and nuns, knowing that they were going to die shortly, made peace with themselves, with God and with eternity.

When the procession ended the Emperor met with his commanders and the notables of the city. In a philosophical speech he told his subjects that the end of their time had come. In essence he told them that Man had to be ready to face death when he had to fight for his faith, for his country, for his family or for his sovereign. All four reasons were now present. 

Furthermore, his subjects, who were the descendants of Greeks and Romans, had to emulate their great ancestors. They had to fight and sacrifice themselves without fear. They had lived in a great city and they were now going to die defending it. 

As for himself, he was going to die fighting for his faith, for his city and for his people... He thanked all present for their contribution to the defense of the city and asked them to forgive him, if he had ever treated them without kindness. 

'Breaking of the Crosses in North Carolina' continued: It's worse than we first thought

"[Pastor Jim] Melnyk said he has personally worshiped Allah with Muslims during interfaith gatherings in Raleigh... "

Journalist Leo Hohmann shines a light on the galloping apostasy in mainline Protestant churches, as typified in this story of how good intentions and generous hearts, cut off from the truth and fullness of the apostolic faith, can lead Christians to embrace a false god, false prophet, and false religion.

I look at this travesty as a 'teachable moment', and have provided commentary throughout the article.

'Breaking of the Crosses' in North Carolina: Christian leaders welcome conversion of church into mosque
Worshipping with Muslims? "Our ultimate goal and divine mandate is not co-existence with Muslims but their conversion—as it is for all the children of men." —Fr. Lawrence Farley

Christian pastor in Bible Belt admits personally worshiping Allah
Muslim deity takes over church as leaders claim to honor 'same god'
by Leo Hohmann, WND, May 15, 2017

A former church has been taken over and converted to a mosque in a rural North Carolina county, and a group of Christian pastors took part in the conversion ceremony in an effort to show mutual respect for their Muslim neighbors. 
Crosses have been removed from the former church’s facade and steeple, and mosque leader Ali Muhammad turned them over to the group of pastors. 
“What they were attempting to do is honor our tradition and so they wanted to turn the crosses over to us,” said the Rev. Jim Melnyk, pastor of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Smithfield, a small town in Johnston County about 45 minutes south of Raleigh. “They were reaching out to us, and we were reaching out to them.” 

No, Rev. Melnyk.

They were symbolically "breaking the crosses", an eschatological sign of their belief in the ultimate triumph of Islam over Christianity, and then they duped you into thanking them for doing it.

Melnyk said he was joined by pastors from the United Methodist Church, United Church of Christ and three different Baptist congregations at Saturday’s ceremony, which marked the official conversion of a former Pentecostal church into a mosque. One lay person from the local Presbyterian Church was also present for the “celebration.” 
Melnyk told WND the mosque had reached out to the local churches through an interfaith group in Raleigh and was hoping to strike a welcoming and respectful tone for the two faiths. 
Melnyk said Christianity and Islam “share common origins and scriptures” and that he felt it was the right thing to do to participate in the mosque opening as a show of respect for Islam, a fellow monotheistic faith. 
“Christians, Jews and Muslims are all people of the book, and we all claim what the Hebrew Scriptures call the Abrahamic faith,” Melnyk told WND. “We call it the Old Testament, and Muslims also claim the Bible.” 

No, Rev. Melnyk.

This naive and false theology and history expressed by Rev. Melnyk is the perfect summation of why the Same God position is so dangerous.  Islam does not "share common origins and scriptures" with Christianity. To say so is to assert that Islam and Christianity are spiritually and ontologically linked, stemming from the same source, with the equally false implication that they are spiritually equivalent, leading their followers to the same destination.

Rather, Muhammad sought to appropriate Christianity and Judaism, retelling in the Koran, as Allah's mouthpiece, various events in the Old and New Testaments, yet in narratives with significant, irreconcilable differences from the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures, and always with the same purpose, the assertion that Islam was always the true religion, that Abraham, Moses, and even Jesus, were true Muslims, but that the Jews and Christians distorted their scriptures to conceal the true Islamic teaching.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

UPDATE: Coptic Christians True Martyrs - Killed for Refusing to Renounce Their Faith in Jesus Christ

"As each pilgrim came off the bus they were asked to renounce their Christian faith and profess belief in Islam, but all of them—even the children—refused. Each was killed in cold blood with a gunshot to the head or the throat."

The classic Muslim way, just like with the 100,000 Holy Martyrs of Tbilisi, Georgia.

Update on this report.

The Copts continue to faithfully ascend their Golgotha, following the Lord Jesus Christ. Even though we are not in full ecclesial communion with the Coptic Orthodox Church, there have been fruitful talks in recent years, and we are certainly united with them through a communion of martyrdom, an ecumenism of blood.

Just like the Russian New Martyrs of the 20th century under the God-hating Soviet atheists, the Copts today are witnessing to Christ through confessing Him as Lord even unto death. And they and their families further fulfill the Lord's divine commands by forgiving and praying for their persecutors.

At every Divine Liturgy, at the Third Antiphon we chant the Beatitudes, from Matthew 5:3-11. We must wonder at what our Coptic brothers and sisters feel when they hear and sing these words:

Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake,
For theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake.
Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven...

The mass martyrdom of the Coptic Church in our time should force us all to our knees in tears and repentance for our lax and comfortable lives. May we be emboldened and encouraged in our faith by their ultimate sacrifice for love of our Lord Jesus Christ, and may the Lord strengthen us for our own time of trials, which is coming swiftly, and is already at the very doors.

In Ramadan Massacre, Egyptian Christians Killed for Refusing to Renounce Their Faith in Jesus
by Thomas D. Williams, PhD, Breitbart News, May 28, 2017:

Funeral procession for the New Coptic Martyrs of Egypt, killed by Muslims for refusing to deny Jesus Christ. They were on a holy pilgrimage to a sacred monastery when they were attacked by Islamic jihadis.

As more and more details emerge concerning Friday’s Ramadan attack on a busload of Christians on pilgrimage, the more it becomes evident that these 29 martyrs died solely because they were Christians.

Survivors of the attack said that the ten masked Islamic State militants did not merely open fire on the bus full of Christian pilgrims on their way to the Monastery of Saint Samuel the Confesor, but that the victims were made to descend from the bus and asked one by one whether they were Christians before being shot by the assailants.

According to one of the chaplains of the group, Father Rashed, as each pilgrim came off the bus they were asked to renounce their Christian faith and profess belief in Islam, but all of them—even the children—refused. Each was killed in cold blood with a gunshot to the head or the throat.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Why do Muslim jihadis kill children?

The Islamic State and other jihad groups claim to follow the Koran and the example of Muhammad. Yet surely Muhammad didn't kill children? Did he?

The Islamic State and other Muslim, jihad groups follow Muhammad's example. Yet they kill women and young children, as seen in the Egypt bus attack in which 28 Coptic Christians were killed, and in the Manchester jihad bombing. In both instances children as young as eight years old were among the victims.

The Religion of Peace website has a helpful section that debunks Muslim myths about Islam and Muhammad which we are fed after each deadly Muslim jihad attack.

Myths of Muhammad, The Religion of Peace:

The Myth: Muhammad Would Never Do Harm to a Child
"Our Prophet (peace be upon him) was a great man who would never order any measure that might do harm to an innocent child." 

The Truth:

It is probably fair to say that Muhammad did not approve of killing children intentionally. A verse from the Quran laments the pre-Islamic Arab practice of infanticide against baby girls, for example. Other evidence from the Hadith suggests that he instructed his men not to kill children in battle if it could be avoided, but to capture them for slavery.

He also gave children a reprieve, when telling his people to "kill those who disbelieve in Allah":

[Muhammad said] “Fight everyone in the way of Allah and kill those who disbelieve in Allah. Do not be deceitful with the spoils; do not be treacherous, nor mutilate nor kill children.” (Ibn Ishaq/Hisham 992)

But Muhammad’s definition of a child was not the same as contemporary understanding. Following the surrender of the Qurayza stronghold, he ordered the execution of every male child who had reached puberty. His men had the boys drop their pants so that that anyone with pubic hair could be beheaded (Abu Dawud 4390).

Why do Muslims kill Christians during Ramadan?

"Following Muhammad’s example, terrorists are emboldened to engage in acts of violence against those who reject Islam and in any way inhibit the spread of Islam. While Muslims are purifying themselves from the stain of sin during Ramadan, what better time is there to purge the faith and cleanse the land from all defilement by destroying the infidel?"

Muhammad with sword, leading pious Muslims into battle.

Why Do Terrorists Strike During Ramadan?
by William DiPuccio, May 26, 2017:

Ramadan 2017 opened with the bloody massacre of 28 Coptic Christians. Every year hundreds of people die in Ramadan attacks. According to statistics kept by, 2,988 people were killed in 2015, and 1,850 died in 2016.

Strict Muslims pattern their lives after the teaching and example of Muhammad who established a precedent for conducting attacks during the Arab holy months. Technically, Ramadan is not counted among the four holy months of Islam, but it is a solemn and holy observance.

Muhammad had begun a series of caravan raids against his own people, the Meccans, for rejecting his prophetic claims and persecuting Muslims. By universal agreement, fighting was prohibited during the holy months of the Arab calendar. So Muhammad hesitated to launch another raid during the holy month of Rajab.

But, he claims to have received a revelation encouraging the Muslims to fight. This marked the beginning of violence in the name of Islam:

Ramadan in Egypt: Muslims murder 26 Christians in bus on way to monastery

Islamic State jihadis honor Muhammad and their bloodthirsty god by killing peaceful, defenseless Coptic Christians on a holy pilgrimage to a sacred monastery. The death toll is now at 28 and may rise.

Soon after the news reports broke, our priest sent out an email to the parish in which he said the following:

When "God" is invoked to inspire such violence, then we have entered the realm of blasphemy.

That sums up what I have been writing about for almost a decade now, first in my book, and then on this blog, that Allah, Muhammad and Muslims blaspheme the True God through jihad, false theology, legalistic religious demands, female genital mutilation, child marriages, honor killings, sharia restrictions against free speech, death penalty for apostasy and blasphemy, and a whole range of barbaric practices ad infinitum. 

When one looks at Islam, it is clear that Allah is not the One True God, but a demonic imposter, that Muhammad is a false prophet, and that Muslims are all — whether jihadi or so called 'moderates' — under spiritual delusion.

This evil attack is completely in accordance with the commands of Allah in the Koran, and with the example of Muhammad in the ahadith. And we can expect much, much more of the same.

Ramadan in Egypt: Muslims murder 26 Christians in bus on way to monastery
by Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch, May 26, 2017:

Ramadan begins today. It is the month of jihad, the month when Muslims strive to please Allah more fervently. And so because murdering Infidels who are considered to be at war with Allah is a pious act, there is generally more bloodshed during Ramadan than during the rest of the year.

“26 killed, 26 injured as gunmen fire on Coptic Christian convoy in Egypt,” Straits Times, May 26, 2017:

CAIRO (Bloomb erg [sic], Reuters, AFP) – Gunmen in military fatigues opened fire on a bus carrying members of Egypt’s Coptic Christian minority killing at least 26 people, including children, the latest in a string of militant attacks targeting the community. 
Another 26 were wounded in the assault in Minya province, some 200km south of Cairo, said Ministry of Health spokesman Khaled Mogahed. 
The Copts were on their way to the Saint Samuel monastery, according to Minya’s governor Issam al-Bedewi. Bishop Anba Ermia, president of the Coptic Orthodox Cultural Centre, said on Twitter that the attack may have killed as many as 35 people in a convoy of vehicles. 

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Searing Insights from one who almost converted to Islam

"As much as possible we should preach Christ. But that doesn’t mean we should pretend Islam is what its naive defenders want it to be. The burning flesh and severed limbs of innocents are there in the heart of it...

"Islam has a problem, and it has had a problem since its very inception. It is at war against whatever people it comes across. It slaughters in the Philippines. It slaughters in India. It slaughters in Myanmar. It slaughters in Nigeria. It slaughters in the Sudan. It has done these things from the beginning, and it is all right there in the Quran, let alone the hadith."

Out of the millions of words posted at Rod Dreher's blog, the below comments from one of his readers, Annie, come with a special weight. She writes as a Western Liberal who flirted with Islam. And she has some challenging things to say to those who believe Islam is a religion of peace, equivalent or even superior to Christianity. She does not explicitly address the 'Same God' belief, but implicitly, she rips it apart. Good on Rod Dreher for putting Annie's words front and center.

Islam Through Western Liberal Eyes
Rod Dreher, The American Conservative, May 24, 2017:

Reader Annie comments on the Manchester bombing thread:

Western liberals have a bad habit of “denying agency.” Our self-absorbed knee-jerk tendency to blame all the world’s woes on the evil West is just a way of putting ourselves at the center of every story, for reasons best left unaddressed here. 
Those are our real sins, and every single person writing here is complicit in them.  
But let’s get something straight: this cultural relativism is nonsense. 
Islam has a problem, and it has had a problem since its very inception. It is at war against itself and against whatever people it comes across. It slaughters in the Philippines. It slaughters in India. It slaughters in Myanmar. It slaughters in Nigeria. It slaughters in the Sudan. It has done these things from the beginning, and it is all right there in the Quran, let alone the hadith. 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Deadly Mistakes and Political Correctness enabled the Manchester Jihad Mass Murder

The warning signs were all present, the Muslim jihadi was known to the police, yet they still did nothing, and allowed yet another jihad mass murder to take place. Woe unto the UK, as they allow their daughters to be raped by the thousands, and their citizens to be sacrificed to Muslims...

Aftermath of the suicide bomb which ripped through the foyer of the venue killing parents and children.

A quick scan of the news reports following the bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester UK reveals the United Kingdom is sick and dying, and will not survive much longer. Not only Prime Minister Theresa May and the UK government and police forces, but the press and media all exhibit a pathological denial of the truth about Islam, and a political paralysis which allows Muslims to murder English citizens at will rather than do anything whatsoever to effectively prevent it.

The attacker learned the Quran by heart. And acted upon it. This is why Islam is defeating Europe and the UK.

Key news stories from the last 36 hours:
(thanks to Jihad Watch for the extensive coverage)

“‘He was chanting Islamic prayers loudly in the street’: Neighbours of British-born Manchester suicide bomber tell of his ‘strange behaviour’ in the weeks before deadly attack,” by Nick Fagge, Paul Thompson and Julian Robinson, MailOnline, May 23, 2017:
Neighbours of British-born Manchester suicide bomber Salman Abedi have revealed his ‘strange behaviour’ in the weeks before he slaughtered 22 people. The 22-year-old British-born attacker was heard ‘chanting Islamic prayers loudly in the street’ outside his home in the south of the city.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Orthodox Prelate: ‘Europe will turn Muslim’ in 30 Years, Christians will live in secret

Unless the Lord returns first...

It's the demographics, with high Muslim birthrate and immigration rate, versus the much lower birthrate (well below replacement levels) of native Europeans. Russia has been reversing its negative demographic rate from the Soviet era, but still faces an uphill battle.

Orthodox Prelate: ‘Europe Will Turn Muslim’ in 30 Years, Christians Will Live in Secret by Michael W. Chapman, CNS News, May 18, 2017:

Archpriest Dmitri Smirnov,
chairman, Patriarchal Commission on Family Matters
Archpriest Dmitri Smirnov, chairman of the Patriarchal Commission on Family Matters, and the Protection of Motherhood and Childhood in the Russian Orthodox Church, said he believes Christian civilization is nearly dead and that in 30 years Europe will be dominated by Muslims, and Russia will suffer the same fate in about 50 years.

Speaking on Russia’s Soyuz TV on May 5 — translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) — Archpriest Smirnov said, “There is very little time left until the death of the entire Christian civilization. Several decades, perhaps 30 years, well, maybe in Russia it will last 50, no longer.”

“And then,” Christians “will be like peas scattered across European countries,” he said.

Monday, May 15, 2017

'Breaking of the Crosses' in North Carolina: Christian leaders welcome conversion of church into mosque

"Helping to open the mosque will be local Christian clergy, hoping to strike a welcoming and respectful tone for two faiths of similar origins in a shared community..."

Similar origins???

"Pastor Jim Melnyk, who leads St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Smithfield, will be one of the Christian church leaders taking part in Saturday’s ceremony. He said Christianity and Islam share common origins and scriptures..."

Common origins and scriptures???  Dhimmitude and Ignorance have kissed each other.

This pathetic, deceived 'pastor' should be severely reprimanded by his bishop, if not defrocked and excommunicated for deceiving his flock and denying Christ in such a blatant manner. Read my book Facing Islam for a clear explanation of why the 'Same God Heresy' (which this pastor Jim Melnyk undoubtedly follows) presents a "different gospel", a "different Jesus" and a "different Spirit" (cf. Gal 1:6-8 and 2 Cor 11:3-4).

Whether done through violent jihad by ISIS, or through stealth jihad by American Muslim groups, the 'breaking of the crosses' is an act of Islamic supremacism with eschatological and prophetic significance for Muslims.

Christians also need to be warned that observant Muslims see the removal of crosses from churches as a prophetic sign of the ultimate triumph of Islam over Christianity, and of Christianity's ultimate destruction. As the mosque organizer himself said:

“Part of it is destiny; it’s the will of God that we’re here...”

That sense of destiny is what drives Islamic jihad, whether violent or stealth, throughout the world. It is the belief in Islam's ultimate victory over Christianity.

Islamic eschatology holds that when Isa (the Islamic Jesus) returns, he will be a “good Muslim,” and will direct his followers to the Mahdi, the Muslim messiah, before taking a subservient position somewhat behind the Mahdi. Muhammad, as related in Islamic scriptures, prophesied that Isa will “fight the people for the cause of Islam. He will break the cross, kill the swine and abolish jizya” and establish the rule of Allah throughout the world (Hadith from Sunan Abu Dawud, Book of Battles, 37:4310).

See also:

North Carolina: Crosses removed as Smithfield church becomes a mosque
Mosque moves into former Pentecostal church in Smithfield, NC | News & Observer, via  Creeping Sharia, May 14, 2017:

SMITHFIELD – It won’t be the first mosque in Johnston County, but for now it’s the only one.

On Saturday morning, the Islamic Center of Smithfield will open up in a vacant Pentecostal church, taking over the four-acre property and parsonage on Brightleaf Boulevard with future plans for a worship and community center and school. Helping to open the mosque will be local Christian clergy, hoping to strike a welcoming and respectful tone for two faiths of similar origins in a shared community.

Crosses have been removed from the former church’s facade and steeple, and Ali Mohammad, an organizer of the mosque and a Smithfield business owner, said they’ll be handed over to the group of pastors as a show of good faith.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Jan Sobieski: The Warrior-King Who Saved Europe From Islam

"The new Sobieskis won’t necessarily be soldiers. They will mainly be cultural warriors and Christian activists willing to put themselves on the front lines of the ideological war against this new incursion [of Islam]."
—  Miltiades Varvounis, author of Jan Sobieski: The King Who Saved Europe

From an insightful interview with the author of a new biography of the great Polish King Jan Sobieski, whose armies defeated the forces of Islam at the gates of Vienna in 1683, ending the Muslim hope for a direct military invasion of Europe.

Read all the way to the end for Varvounis' keen analysis of Islam's new invasion of Europe, the West, and the entire globe.

The Warrior-King Who Saved Europe From Islam
By Carrie Gress, National Catholic Register, May 31, 2016:

Poland’s kings are a fascinating bunch, ranging from great scoundrels like Boleslaw the Bold, who hacked up St. Stanislaw, to larger than life characters like King Kazimierz, who raised 14th century Poland to greatness. Even St. Jadwiga, who founded the Jagiellonian University, was technically “king” because 14th century Polish law did not allow for a queen.

While these rulers are discussed at length in City of Saints, there is another leader not to be overlooked. I caught up with Greek-Polish historian Miltiades Varvounis, author of Jan Sobieski: The King Who Saved Europe, to talk about another Polish king—King Jan Sobieski. Considered the greatest warrior king of his time, Sobieski is best known for winning the Battle of Vienna against the Ottoman Empire in 1683, but he his legacy goes well beyond the battlefield.

Gress: Why did you write the book Jan Sobieski: The King Who Saved Europe?

Varvounis: Jan Sobieski was one of the most illustrious rulers ever to command an army. He gained glory and fame in his thirties through his exceptional military skills and he was acknowledged as the greatest warrior-king of his time throughout the rest of his turbulent life. His patriotism, his strong faith and hope in God, his military reputation, his taste for arts and letters, and his talents – all these were legendary in his lifetime.

Since World War II, no English work has been published about the king who saved Europe from the warriors of Islam at the Battle of Vienna (1683); a battle which was the inspiration for J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic cavalry charge of the Rohirrim that lifted the Siege of Minas Tirith in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Although a great number of books in English have been published on Polish history since the fall of the Iron Curtain, “the Lion of Lechistan”, as Sobieski was called by his enemies, has remained neglected by historians outside Poland.

A personality like Jan Sobieski – the most famous Polish military figure and the savior of Christendom – can never be ignored and forgotten. I took the initiative to present Sobieski and his immortal deeds to the wide readership in the present-day lingua franca.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Sign of the Times: US Catholic Church punishing priests for speaking truth about Islam and jihad

In our age of worldliness and ever-spreading Christian apostasy, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops and Rome itself is siding with Islam against Catholic priests (and even against Catholic saints!) who speak forthrightly about Islam, Muhammad, and jihad.

Robert Spencer writes:
"The highly dubious proposition that Islam is a religion of peace has become a kind of superdogma that the U.S. bishops enforce with a stringency (and even ruthlessness) that they never display regarding actual Church teaching."

Will this Catholic Apologia for Islam — and its attendant persecution of faithful priests who serve as conscience to Rome's pan-ecumenist dreams — manifest itself in a dogmatic declaration of solidarity with Islam, a doctrinal embrace of the 'Same God Heresy', and a final shameful denial of Jesus Christ by formally affirming Muhammad as a prophet?

Time will tell, but this deeply disturbing trend in Roman Catholicism points only to one end: the Great Apostasy and the Religion of the Future, warned against by Blessed Hieromonk Seraphim Rose some forty years ago.

Our task? Be faithful unto the end, enduring criticism, mocking and persecution, willing to confess Jesus Christ even unto death, as the Lord Himself said:

"He who endures to the end shall be saved." (MT 10:22) 
"Whoever is ashamed of Me and My words in this adulterous and sinful generation, of him the Son of Man also will be ashamed when He comes in the glory of His Father with the holy angels." (MK 8:38)

Another Day, Another Apology to Muslims
by Susan D. Harris, American Thinker, May 2, 2017 (via Creeping Sharia):

“Don’t listen to liberals, because the Muslims will cut your heads off.” That’s the comment that warranted the KRQE headline, “Parents accuse Belen priest of making discriminatory comments against Muslims.”

Apparently no one had a problem with the “don’t listen to liberals” part. Instead, being well trained in political correctness, it was the moment Fr. Jonas Romea, a priest in Belen, New Mexico, told a group of pre-K to eighth grade Catholic kids that there were Muslims terrorists that caused the problem.

Specifically mentioning Muslims cutting “heads off” was when parents became terribly offended on behalf of Islam. The next thing you know, a reporter at KOAT Action News was asking Fr. Romea if he didn’t think his remarks were “Islamophobia?” Fr. Romea said that he denied that label, and strengthened his point by saying:

“Recent reports out of the Middle East show that Catholics around the world are under attack. The news pieces that we get… from there tell us that actually, Christians are being slaughtered.”

KRQE reported that after receiving complaints about Fr. Romea’s remarks (made during a homily to students at Our Lady of Belen Church,) the “Archdiocese of Santa Fe sent out a letter to parents saying the homily didn’t fully embrace the message of Jesus Christ.”

Monday, May 8, 2017

Islamic FGM in Michigan - Part 6: Federal Law Doesn’t Require Healthcare Providers to Report FGM Despite Half a Million ‘At Risk’

An exhaustively researched article draws together numerous reports to paint a dark picture of the effects of mass Muslim immigration.

This is the sixth of a 7-part series on Islam and FGM: 

Federal Law Doesn’t Require Healthcare Providers to Report FGM Despite Half a Million ‘At Risk’
by Michael Patrick Leahy, Breitbart, April 27, 2017:

The barbaric practise of female genital mutilation — a procedure made unlawful by the Illegal Immigrant Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 — has been thrust to the fore of public debate in the United States following the arrests of Dr. Jumana Nagarwala, Dr. Fakhruddin Attar, and Attar’s wife Farida in Michigan this month.

According to reports, several young Somali girls were brought from Minnesota, one of twenty-four states that have passed legislation to make female genital mutilation (FGM) illegal according to state laws, to Michigan, one of twenty-six states in which FGM has not been made illegal in state law, where Dr. Nagarwala, with assistance from Mrs. Attar, performed the procedure outlawed by federal law in a medical office owned by Dr. Attar.

“Since 1996, there have been specific federal criminal penalties for performing FGM/C in the United States on anyone under 18 years old, including fines, up to 5 years in prison, or both. In 2013, Congress amended the federal statute related to FGM/C to criminalize the knowing transportation of a girl under 18 years old from the United States for the purpose of performing FGM/C abroad—often referred to as ‘vacation cutting,’ ” according to the June 2016 Government Accountability Office’s report Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting.

The current federal statute, which codifies both the 1996 law and the 2013 law can be seen here at U.S. Code Title 18 Part I Chapter 7 § 116 – Female genital mutilation.

Surprisingly, neither the 1996 federal law that outlawed FGM, nor the 2013 federal law that outlawed “vacation cutting” requires health care providers to report known or suspected instances of FGM to local, state, or federal health authorities or law enforcement. Current federal law criminalizes the practice of FGM, but does not specifically require reporting on it, though health care providers are obligated to report instances of child abuse, a category in which FGM falls.

With this paucity of reporting data, two recent studies, one by the Population Reference Bureau (PRB), another by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), have used demographic analysis to estimate that the number of women who have “undergone” FGM or are “at risk of the procedure” in the United States exceeds 500,000.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Islamic FGM in Michigan - Part 5: 'FGM is illegal in the United States. So why is it still happening here?'

"Many Muslims have insisted that the practice of FGM has nothing to do with Islam, that it is, originally, an African and pagan custom. This may be true. However, many Muslims believe it is religiously required..."

This is the fifth of a 7-part series on Islam and FGM: 

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch explains why Muslims believe the barbaric practice of circumcision of the clitoris is religiously required:

Female genital mutilation is indeed sanctioned in Islam. “Circumcision is obligatory (for every male and female) (by cutting off the piece of skin on the glans of the penis of the male, but circumcision of the female is by cutting out the bazr ‘clitoris’ [this is called khufaadh ‘female circumcision’]).” — ‘Umdat al-Salik e4.3, translated by Mark Durie, The Third Choice, p. 64 
Why is it obligatory? Because Muhammad is held to have said so: “Abu al-Malih ibn Usama’s father relates that the Prophet said: ‘Circumcision is a law for men and a preservation of honour for women.’” — Ahmad Ibn Hanbal 5:75 

That’s why it is so common around the world:

  • A Muslim cleric in Russia said that “all women should be circumcised.” 
  • A Muslim cleric in India likewise urged that it be done. 
  • A Muslim cleric in Australia said that Islamic law permitted the practice. 
  • A leading U.S. Muslim jurist from the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America (AMJA) said it was an “honor” in Islam. 
  • A marabout — a Muslim holy man — was arrested in France for having it done on his daughters. 
  • In the UK, there were 5,500 cases of FGM in 2016 alone. 
  • It is commonly claimed to be an East African problem, but 93% of Muslim women in Malaysia have suffered this procedure, and it is common in Indonesia
  • In one province in Iran, 60% of the women have suffered FGM.
  • It is certain to become increasingly common in the United States.

FGM is illegal in the United States. So why is it still happening here?

By Dr. Phyllis Chesler, April 27, 2017 - Fox News:

Let's be clear: FGM (female genital mutilation) is illegal in the United States. That fact did not stop Drs. Humana Nagarwala, Fakhruddin Attar, and his wife Farida Attar, from allegedly performing these criminal and human rights atrocities against two vulnerable 7-year-old girls in the Detroit metro area. The physicians and Attar's wife have all been arrested. According to Fox 2 News in Detroit the three have been charged with female genital mutilation and conspiracy. The doctors are also charged with making false statements to investigators and trying to obstruct the investigation.

For years, many Muslims have insisted that the practice of FGM has nothing to do with Islam, that it is, originally, an African and pagan custom. This may be true. However, many Muslims believe it is religiously required.

Boldly, cleverly, the Detroit-area physicians are arguing that FGM is a "religious practice" and that to interfere with it is tantamount to religious discrimination. There is some proof that Mohammed allowed a female "exciser" to perform this mutilation -- but he advised her not to "overdo it."

FGM is practiced most widely in the Islamic world in the Arab Muslim Middle East, both in the Gulf and African states (such as Egypt, Somalia, Sudan); it has, increasingly, spread to Muslim communities in Central Asia (parts of Iraqi Kurdistan and Iran), and to the Far East (Malaysia and Indonesia).

Female genital mutilation (FGM) is not at all like male circumcision. Not only is the capacity for sexual pleasure destroyed, complications are routine and include bleeding, painful urination, cysts, dangerous and recurrent bladder and urinary tract infections, the growth of scar tissue that make marital intercourse a nightmare and that turns childbirth into an experience of danger and torture.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Islamic FGM in Michigan - Part 4: 'Everybody knows somebody who has gotten their daughter cut [FGM]…'

Importing Islam: "Female genital mutilation is alive and well in parts of the Western world where its adherents have migrated and formed communities."

This is the fourth of a 7-part series on Islam and FGM: 

QOTD: “Everybody knows somebody who has gotten their daughter cut [FGM]…”

Creeping Sharia, April 29, 2017; Source: AP | The La Grande Observer

The recent arrest of a Michigan doctor accused of performing the procedure on two 7-year-old girls from [Zehra] Patwa’s own Shiite Muslim sect, the Dawoodi Bohra, highlights how female genital mutilation is alive and well in parts of the Western world where its adherents have migrated and formed communities.

Dr. Jumana Nagarwala is accused of performing the procedure on two Minnesota girls that left them with scars and lacerations. Her attorney, Shannon Smith, insists that Nagarwala conducted a benign religious ritual that involved no mutilation.

Prosecutors on Friday charged two other Bohras, Dr. Fakhruddin Attar and his wife, Farida Attar, with conspiracy. Fakhruddin Attar owns the Detroit-area clinic where the alleged procedures were performed in February, and investigators say the couple knew Nagarwala was doing the procedures after business hours.