Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Dr. Timothy R. Furnish: 'There You Go Again with “White Supremacy,” Joe Biden'

A helpful selection of articles by Timothy Furnish, contributing author at The Stream, proving the complete falsehood of President Biden's revisionist narrative of homeland security and terrorist threats. Hint, the real threat is not cis-heteronormative white males playing guitar in the woods.

There You Go Again with “White Supremacy,” Joe Biden

Dr. Timothy R. Furnish, The Occidental Jihadist, May 21, 2023

Ronald Reagan had many great lines. “There you go again” was one of his best, and most-used. Against Carter in 1980, Mondale in 1984, and probably every time Sam Donaldson shouted one of his inane questions.

We Reagan epigones can find no better target for The Great Communicator’s velvety barb than the current POTUS and his incessant, inveterate yammering about “white supremacy.” Just last week, at Howard University, The Grey Prevaricator once again claimed that “the most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland is white supremacy.”

Yes, even given that agreeing on lies is how the Democrats do history now, this constant untruth is not only appalling but injurious to the body politic. And rather than deconstruct Biden’s mendacious malarkey yet again, allow me to list, and link to, my numerous previous articles over at The Stream which do so. In these you’ll find not just opinion, but terrorism data that demonstrates the ludicrousness of Biden’s propaganda.

The False Shadow of Domestic Extremism” (September 14, 2022)

Our Government: Gone to the Dogs?” (April 11, 2022)