Thursday, April 14, 2016

SPECIAL APPEAL: Help support our Orthodox brothers and sisters in Kosovo!

This is an appeal for a joint fundraising project of the Decani Monastery Relief Fund and the ROCOR Fund for Assistance. Please consider giving to help meet their April 21 fundraising goal!

The Kosovo diet: cabbage Monday through Saturday...

With your help, our Serbian brothers and sisters can get the help they need.

Thanks to your incredible support, we have collected over $10,000 for our Orthodox brothers and sisters in Kosovo!

But the humanitarian crisis is not over for the Orthodox Serbs.

One day, while doing missionary work in Kosovo, Fr Nektarios Serfes of the Decani Monastery Relief Fund asked a young child what he eats every day.  
"Cabbage: Monday through Saturday," he said with a smile.  
"What do you eat on Sunday," Fr Nektarios then asked him.  
"We eat chicken after church.  We can't wait to go to church and come home to have chicken!"

But at this moment in Kosovo chickens and cows are being stolen. A barn full of hay for the livestock the Serbs have been collecting for two years, was burned down by muslims.

No chickens, no cows, and now sadly enough - no hay for the remaining animals!

Needless to say, Orthodox Serbs fast during Great Lent.  But it looks like their cabbage diet will continue past Pascha.

You can do this by participating in the special collection the FFA is doing together with the Decani Monastery Relief Fund until April 21, so we can help our suffering brothers in Kosovo.

I am begging you to help them by donating now

Your donation just might save a life.

Please be generous!

In Christ, 

Mark Selawry 
Fund for Assistance to ROCOR