Friday, November 1, 2013

VIDEO: Tennessee Imam teaches that Jews and Christians are 'filthy'

Video from The Clarion Project,
additional analysis courtesy Freedom Outpost

Part of a lecture by Imam Yasir Qadi of Memphis TN, who has been described by the New York Times Magazine as 'one of the most influential conservative clerics in American Islam.' Qadi is a writer and Dean of Academic Affairs at the Al-Magrib Istitute. The entire lecture can been listened to by clicking here

This is deeply disturbing. Qadi openly teaches the waging of jihad against the mushrikun (polytheists), which includes Christians, and presents the real view Islam has of us "People of the Book," that Christians "are filthy, a spiritual filthiness which can only be purified by the purity of tawheed (monotheism)." He then adds that Allah believes anyone who is not a Muslim is a "nudge." In other words, a nudge, in Arabic is "najasa," and it means that you are "feces, urine, filthy, or contaminated."