Thursday, November 7, 2013

Syrian City of Raqqa Under Iron-Fist Rule of Al Qaeda

Enabled by Obama's support of the Syrian "rebels."

The Clarion Project — 11/6/2013

Militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Photo: screenshot from ISIS video)
Women rights and basic freedoms are being squashed under the Islamist rule of the the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

CNN published a chilling report about what’s happening in the Syrian city of Raqqa since it was conquered by the Al Qaeda affiliate the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Once one of the most liberal cities in Syria, Raqqa was captured in May, and since then has been rapidly turning into a human rights nightmare with the Al Qaeda militants using brutal violence to instill fear and to enforce barbaric Sharia laws on the city’s residents.  

The women of Raqqa are now prohibitted from going out in public by themselves, they must cover their hair and are forced to wear conservative Islamic garb, covering themselves from head to toe.  CNN quoted one female activist that said: "They are closing hair salons, women can't go out at certain times. They spat on one girl for disobedience. It's like Afghanistan. Now people call Raqqa Tora Bora."

In the nearby city of Jarablus, the Islamist militants hung up a poster warning that anyone caught stealing would have their hand cut off as Sharia proscribes.  

Instead of the rebellion in Syria bringing about greater freedoms and real democracy it has morphed into a golden opportunity for Al Qaeda linked militants to enforce Sharia on their way to creating an Islamist state.

Video available also here.