Sunday, November 3, 2013

VIDEO: Syrian Muslim Leader smashes Virgin Mary Statue, says 'Allah alone will be worshipped in the Levant...'

"...the idols will be worshipped no more."

Of course, the smashing of 'idols' extends beyond statues to the smashing of holy icons, which are a key aspect of Eastern Christian theology and practice. See my article 'Islam's Iconoclasm and the War Against Christians' for background.

This is an ominous, but unsurprising, call to the mujahideen to rise up against the Christians, destroy their churches, icons and statues, and purge them from the entire Middle East and North Africa. It is a call to religious cleansing and outright genocide, and should be taken seriously.

Sheik Omar Raghba Smashes Virgin Mary Statue in a Syrian Village: Allah Alone Will Be Worshipped in the Levant
MEMRI — 10/23/2013 — h/t Tom