Friday, September 6, 2013

Putin Supports Egyptian Military, Orthodox Churches to Work Together

As I have written before, Putin is committed to supporting Orthodox and all indigenous Christians in the Islamic world. Whereas Obama is committed to supporting Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic extremists, whose goal is to eradicate Christianity from the Muslim world.

Putin Supports Egyptian Military, Orthodox Churches to Work Together
by Raymond Ibrahim — 9/6/2013

Putin addresses top Orthodox clergy in July
A report on Tahrir News today titled, “Greek Orthodox Patriarch to Pope Tawadros: ‘Putin Stressed to Me Russia’s Support for Egypt During My Visit,’” discusses how, among other things, Patriarch Theodore II, the current Eastern Orthodox Patriarch of Alexandria and all Africa, just informed Coptic Pope Tawadros II that, in his recent meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the latter “confirmed that Russia supports Egypt and its military during this transitional period and in all international circles.”

The report further added that “General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi [the foremost man responsible for overthrowing the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt] asked the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate, through its relations with the heads of Orthodox churches around the world, to support Egypt on its revolutionary road to democracy.”

All of this follows an address that Russian President Vladimir Putin gave in late July before a number of top Orthodox clergy — an address that showed how Russia is increasingly becoming the greatest hope for persecuted Christians:

Putin noted that in many regions of the world, especially in the Middle East and North Africa, inter-confessional tensions were growing and the rights of religious minorities including Christians were infringed upon. “I believe” he said, “this acute problem should become a subject of close attention of the international community. Our country will continue pursuing an active creative policy towards the soonest possible settlement of conflict situations. And here, of course, the active stand, participation and support of Local Orthodox Churches and their primates are very important for us.”

Thus, and once again, the Russian leader proves himself a mature and responsible statesman, looking for peace and stability in the Middle East — even as his American counterparts warmonger and lie on behalf of Islamists (Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt) and jihadis (al-Qaeda in Syria), the very same people who ruthlessly persecute Christians, not to mention despise everything the West represents.