Saturday, September 7, 2013

Nigeria: Muslims Slaughter Christians Before Sunday Church Services

Boko Haram Islamist group has killed thousands of Christians, U.S. warns Nigeria against infringing on Boko Haram's human rights. 

by Raymond Ibrahim — 9/6/2013

Christian woman slain with husband
and son last Sunday in Nigeria.
According to a new Morning Star News report from today, last Sunday in Adu village in Nigeria, Gabriel Anthony, 25, was “steeped in quiet, prayerful devotion at 5 a.m.” when he heard gunshots: “Within minutes, bullets were piercing into our rooms,” said Gabriel. “I escaped from my room by jumping through the window.”

Then the same story that seemingly occurs weekly if not daily in Nigeria took place.  Muslims, in this case, Fulani tribesmen, had invaded a Christian village and were slaughtering all they could find.  A half hour later, seven of Gabriel’s relatives — including father, mother, and siblings —  were dead.

Two other Christians — a husband and wife — were also slaughtered in their homes.  All those killed were members of Adu’s St. Andrew’s Catholic Church.

Local Christian leaders complained that,  ”in spite of promises by these Fulani leaders that these attacks will not occur again, we have continued to witness these beastly attacks.”

Making promises only to break them — specifically in the context of taqiyya — is part of the Islamic heritage.

According to Rev. Yakubu Gandu Nkut, pastor of Nigeria’s Evangelical Church Winning, “Islamic extremist groups have increasingly incited Fulani Muslims to attack Christians in Kaduna and Plateau states as well as in Bauchi, Nasarawa and Benue…  Fulani herdsmen, with backing from Islamic extremist groups, want to take over the predominantly Christian areas in order to acquire land for grazing, stockpile arms and expand Islamic territory.”

In other words, it’s the same old story of how Islam came into being: aggression and expansion.
But what does the U.S. think of all this?  The same Secretary of State John Kerry who is now calling for war in Syria, hypocritically in the name of human rights, is the same secretary of state who warned the Nigerian government against infringing on the “human rights” of Boko Haram, the head of the Islamist snake in Nigeria, which has been responsible for the slaughter of thousands of Christians and destruction of hundreds of churches in Nigeria.

That speaks for itself concerning what U.S. leadership thinks of the plight of Christians in Nigeria — even as it prepares to wage war on behalf of Christian persecuting jihadis in Syria.