Saturday, September 14, 2013


This is the classic form of Islamic Jihad for fourteen centuries: convert or die. The Obama-supported Syrian jihadi 'rebels' do not even offer the former 'Third Choice' of dhimmitude, paying the jizya tax and accepting humiliating second-class status under Muslim domination.

Pravoslavie — 9/13/2013

Christians from Ma'loula, seized by militants, are being forced to accept Islam, reports Linga. Sources in Ma'loula informed the agency that the militants were threatening to kill them unless they accept Islam.

"Where is President Obama to see what is happening to us?" the agency's spokesman says.
One of the residents has reported that a great number of bearded militants entered the town, shouting "Allahu Akbar", and attacked the Christian houses and churches. They killed several people soon after Ma'loula had been seized. "We heard shooting and I saw corpses in the middle of Balharh street," he said. "Where is Obama to see what is happening to us?!"

Another resident has related: "I saw five bearded people who were threatening Christians and saying that they must accept Islam or they would be beheaded". Another citizen has reported that he saw one church burning, and how a militant entered another Church and stole something from it.

The residents of Ma'loula are asking for prayers.

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