Sunday, July 14, 2013

Alabama Mosque facing opposition alma mater of 3 indicted terrorists incl FBI’s Most Wanted

Even in the patriotic deep south one finds supremacist mosques with proven ties to Islamic terrorism.

From Creeping Sharia:

Alabama mosque facing opposition alma mater of 3 indicted terrorists incl FBI’s Most Wanted

Dianne S. Howard opposes plans by the Islamic Society of Mobile to expand its mosque just feet from her home, yards away behind a wooden fence. Never mind that the dilapidated brick mosque, which is painted a pale yellow with white trim, is in visible need of an overhaul.

For one, she said, traffic that’s already bad during Friday afternoon prayers would only get worse if the mosque were enlarged. But her concerns like those of others in her neighborhood go beyond the number of cars that fill the parking lot.

Three men who had attended the mosque have been indicted on federal terror charges, Howard noted, including the son of the longtime president. And young men seem to argue a lot in the parking lot after services, she said.
Additionally, an Alabama man and a New York native who once attended the mosque were indicted in Mobile on charges of trying to leave the country to join Omar Hammami for jihad in Africa, where he is believed to be living. One, Alabama-born Muslim convert Randy “Rasheed” Wilson, already has pleaded guilty to providing material support to terror by trying to leave the country to fight for Islam; Syracuse, N.Y.-native Mohammad Abdul Rahman Abukhdair is awaiting trial.

Shafik Hammami, the father, helped FBI agents in the investigation of his own son, Omar said, and the mosque’s imam has spoken out against Omar Hammami, calling him am “outlaw.”

The mosque, one of a half-dozen Islamic congregations in metro Mobile, has never before faced community opposition, Omar said. And it’s not planning to move.

“We have no plans to leave,” he said. “We have been here a long time.”

Behind every jihadist is an imam.

We noted just last week that the Father of the Most Wanted Terrorist Wants a Bigger Mosque in Residential Neighborhood. As we noted there, it’s another home converted into a mosque – a zoning practice reserved for Muslims and defended vigorously with taxpayer money by Obama and Eric Holder.