Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sen. Rand Paul of Ky: US Churches should challenge IRS

Indeed we should.  One of the lessons learned from the Russian Revolution is how quickly the Orthodox Church lost any residual political power after the Bolsheviks ascended.  A second lesson concerns Soviet support of the "Living Church," the false, liberal body which sought to replace the true, Orthodox Church in the 1920s. The analogy can readily be drawn between the Soviet-era Living Church and today's liberal Protestant denominations, with their militant pro-homosexual agenda, support for abortion, and complete abandonment of traditional Christian dogma.

Hence the importance of the Manhattan Declaration, and for our Orthodox bishops to "speak truth to power." Some of you have likely already read When Orthodox Bishops Spoke Boldly: Clear Teaching on Marriage and Family by Chris Banescu. If not, it's a must read.

An Orthodox monastic I know believes a preemptive rejection of tax-exempt status by Orthodox churches will free us from the threat of IRS targeting. It is a compelling argument and now is the time to have that discussion. The Orthodox Church in the United States needs to be clear and bold in her stance on moral issues, criticizing the government and speaking truth to power, and freedom to practice our faith (including open evangelism, not the neutered "freedom of worship" Hillary Clinton advocates).

Sen. Paul: US Churches Should Challenge the IRS
Charisma News - 7/25/2013

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., says churches in America should challenge the Internal Revenue Service by speaking boldly from the pulpit, without worrying about the consequences.

In an exclusive interview with CBN News Chief Political Correspondent David Brody, Sen. Paul issued a challenge to pastors.

"What I would say to the churches is be bold and challenge them and say, 'In our church we're still going to discuss good and evil and what we think of it and so be it if the government wants to come and challenge us because if we don't stand up and try and protect our God-given rights, they're going to be taken from us.'"

Many pastors are reluctant to speak out on political issues because they fear being audited or fined by the IRS.