Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Danish immigration spokesperson to unhappy Muslims: “Find somewhere else to live”

This is very sound policy suggestion. I call it the "Sandbox Rule."  So simple a child can understand it. If you want to play in our sandbox, you play by our rules. If you break the rules, you're put on "timeout." If you break the rules again, you're ejected from the sandbox and sent home, wherever that is.

This should apply to supremacist mosques (80% of the mosques in the U.S. preach/teach jihad, hatred of America, and Islamic supremacism), and supremacist Muslims. Mosques with proven links to terrorist activities or which have imams who have supported terrorism, should be permanently closed.

Why? Because Islam is not like any other religion. It is religion + political ideology with a goal of taking over its host country, wherever it spreads.

Danish immigration spokesperson to unhappy Muslims: “Find somewhere else to live”

Venstre’s immigration spokesperson argues that it is a misguided attempt at tolerance to condone Islamic practices that contradict Danish values.

Muslims who show no interest in adopting Danish values ought to think about why they settled in Denmark in the first place, the immigration spokesperson for leading opposition party Venstre argued in an opinion piece published in Politiken newspaper today.

In her piece, Inger Støjberg criticises Danish Muslims who actively try to shield themselves from Danish values and norms and who think that their religious beliefs should not be allowed to be mocked.
Støjberg pointed to a study of Danish Muslims in which 55 percent responded that criticising religion should be banned and 64 percent thought that free speech should be limited in particular circumstances.

Denmark is the land of the Danes and you are more than welcome to become a Dane and take part in the work and community,” Støjberg wrote. “But to those Muslims who constantly work against us, constantly question us, are unsatisfied, encourage going to holy war in Syria, commit honour killings, belittle our values, flag or way of living – to all of you: Go and find somewhere else to live. No one is forcing you to stay. We accepted you and now it’s up to you to show the necessary respect for our society and the values it is built upon.”

Spotting an opportunity, Martin Henriksen, integration spokesperson for Dansk Folkeparti, proposed that Venstre should use this opportunity to follow up with strict policies aimed at curbing migration from Muslim countries.

I think that Venstre and Dansk Folkeparti should join together for the next election with a goal of reducing Muslim immigration to somewhere close to zero. It is the most effective solution to ensure that Denmark will remain socially and culturally united in the decades ahead,” Henriksen said.