Tuesday, July 1, 2014

OCN Interviews on Boko Haram, Meriam Ibrahim, and ISIS

Fr Chris Metropulos and I cover some of the most urgent news of Orthodoxy and Islam, the Global Jihad, and Muslim Persecution of Christians:

1. Orthodoxy and Islam: Boko Haram
By Fr. Chris Metropulos in OCN Now Radio  Islamic militant group Boko Haram has kidnapped hundreds of Nigerian girls, killed masses of civilians, and called for Muslims around the world to “kill, kill, kill.” Ralph Sidway updates us on the group’s atrocities, discusses how it relates to other Islamic terrorist groups, and asks how they are receiving funding to continue.
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2. Orthodoxy and Islam: Meriam Ibrahim
By Fr. Chris Metropulos in OCN Now Radio  Join Ralph Sidway and Fr. Chris as they discuss Meriam Ibrahim – the Sudanese Christian woman who was condemned to be lashed 100 times and then executed. Hear about the developments in her situation, the danger she faces from honor killings, and what her story can teach us.
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3. Orthodoxy and Islam: ISIS
By Fr. Chris Metropulos in OCN Now Radio — ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) has declared its plan to take over large territories in the Middle East. Ralph Sidway offers a crash course on this Islamic terrorist group. Who are they? How has the group developed? Who are they targeting and is the US in danger?
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