Monday, July 7, 2014

Photos of ISIS destroying churches in Iraq

Explodes historical churches and mosques caliphs in Decapitation
Originally posted at — July 6, 2014
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When not cutting heads or not raping daughters and wives or crucify, blast everything militants ISIL Islamic Caliphate or otherwise beheaded.

Last month we read and RT in northwestern Iraq have been bombed and demolished dozens of places of religious worship such as churches and mosques and Shiite mainly in Mosul in the historic district of Nineveh.

Explosives placed in the foundations of temples and then the bulldozers flatten debris.

Locals confirm the disaster and two churches including the Cathedral of the Chaldeans in Mosul and the Syrian-Orthodox cathedral where islamofasistes Removes Cross and established the flag of the caliphate (beheaded).

Dozens of historic mosques demolished with the inhabitants of Mosul to declare their regret as well as say they inherited from their ancestors. "Was registered marks" says Ahmed 51chronos.

In one case, dozens of men, women and children formed a human wall in the mosque of Sheikh Fatih neighborhood Al-Mousachanta western Mosul preventing their destruction.

Source: Freepen with information from the RT / photos: