Friday, December 11, 2015


This week I received a warm and heartfelt email from Priest Joseph Farooq of the Archangel Michael Orthodox Mission in Pakistan.

Please consider his appeal on behalf of the Mission, and the children and widows whom he hopes to bless this Christmas. Perhaps you could share the appeal with your parish, and help support this growing oasis of light.

At the website, you will find a wealth of info on the growth of the Mission, photos, news stories, and more. There are links on the left hand column to follow by email, to their Facebook page, and to follow by Twitter. There is a Tab for Donations as well.

Mission Website:

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Dear Zosimas, 
Greetings and blessings in the Holy Name of Jesus! 
I extend my heartfelt thanks for your kind concern and support for the orthodox mission in Pakistan. I am sorry for being delay to answer your mail please accept my apology. 
I am sending you the link of my website and the information you sent me are no more functioning with our mission. I humbly request you please share information about orthodox mission which are posted on our website and on the website of
Every year I distributed rations and warms clothes among widows and the needy orthodox families and small gifts to orthodox children to share happiness, joy and blessings of Christmas. 
This year again the blessings of God I wish to repeat this event again. The most important thing to share that I do not have any sort of funds in hand for Christmas celebrations, I most humbly request you if you may send some generous help for the poor and needy orthodox widows and for the happiness of children, mission needs at least 1200 US dollars for the Christmas celebrations. 
I will thankful to you for your kind and generous help. 
May this season of Nativity fasting bring many blessings and happiness for you and all your your family. 
God bless you. 
Yours in Christ,