Sunday, January 19, 2014

Michigan: Catholic college designates prayer room for Muslims

As Christianity abandons the Lord's command to "Go and make disciples of all nations," the deception of interfaith dialogue and harmony becomes the highest goal. The silent assent of Roman Catholic leaders at Marygrove College when presented with Muslim theological claims that "all roads lead to god" amounts to denying Jesus Christ, and is another case of the rampant apostasy sweeping through Christianity.

As St Gregory the Theologian warned, "By your silence you can betray God."

See also: Catholic school to host terror-tied Muslim group CAIR.

Marygrove College designates a prayer room for Muslim students
Arab-American News via Creeping Sharia — January 17, 2014

DETROIT — Marygrove College, a private Catholic school, has established an interfaith prayer room, which will serve as a space for prayer for Muslim students. Marygrove’s president and staff, along with students and representatives from the Muslim community, celebrated on Wednesday Jan. 15, the grand opening of the room, reflecting the college’s diversity.

President of Marygrove College Dr. David Fike said the celebration of the interfaith prayer room is “symbolic” of our coming together as diverse communities and individuals in the journey of life.

Imam Hassan Al-Qazwini of the Islamic Center of America stressed the common spiritual goal of all religions.

“All roads lead to god,” he said. “We worship him in different languages, and he’s the one who understands all languages. By celebrating the grand opening of this chapel, we are celebrating our commonalities. And I’m sure our commonalities outnumber our differences.”

[In point of fact, not all roads lead to the True God. Imam Qwazini's deceptive ecumenical blather is aimed squarely at the gullible, and sounds suspiciously like the Muslim open letter to Christian leaders, 'A Common Word Between Us and You'. See Dr. Mark Durie's Notes For Christians Regarding A Common Word to be forewarned against such examples of Islamic dawah, or proselytism.]

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