Thursday, January 2, 2014

'Time to Declare Total War on Wahhabism' - Russian Specialist on Islam

Pravoslavie — 12/30/2013

The specialist on Islamic studies Roman Silantyev believes that the new terrorist attack in Volgograd makes a critical priority of the issue of protecting citizens of the Russian Federation from terrorists, and serious measures must be taken against the terrorist threat.

"The third terrorist attack in Volgograd within three months has become the most serious challenge to our society. The defensive measures against terrorism, in spite of the professionalism of the special services and heroism of ordinary law-enforcement agencies' officers, are unable to provide sufficient security," R. Silantyev reported to Interfax-Religion on Monday.

In his view, it is time to "wage a global attack, changing the legislation so that all stripes of Wahhabis should be outlawed, and conditions for their living on the territory of our country should become unbearable".

"We must actively engage specialists in destroying Wahhabis from Chechnya and Dagestan, Syria and Egypt, and actively adopt successful legislative resolutions and tactics from abroad," believes the agency's spokesman.

As he noted, the events of last year have clearly demonstrated that ordinary people’s tolerance towards ethnic conflicts and terrorist acts has reached its limit, “and now either the authorities will have to implement the total destruction those who carry this terrorist ideology, or the people will do it themselves, governed by their own ideas of what the Wahhabis look like".

The specialist on Islam has also called upon Volgograd residents to express their anger cautiously. He underlined the fact that all official Muslim organizations of the Volgograd region are a part of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims led by Mufti Ilyas Biktimirov, who is subordinate to the Russian Central Muslim Board chairman Grand mufti Talgat Tajuddin—"an old and true friend of the Russian people and the Orthodox Christians".

"I call upon the Volgograd residents not to attack local Mosques, which is what we saw after the first terrorist attack, because members of those communities are consistent opponents of Wahhabis. The threat to peace and order in the region comes not from them, but from the newly arrived terrorists, who, unfortunately, have chosen Volgograd as their priority target," added R. Silantyev.