Monday, February 12, 2018

Reconnecting with Mark Durie

New Institute and blog series catches up with one of Christianity's most significant voices regarding the challenge of Islam.

I was updating the Facing Islam blog last week, and noticed (again) that Mark Durie had not posted anything on his blog for many months now (late June 2017, to be exact). This concerned me, as I consider him to be one of the most important Christian writers on Islam, so I ventured over to his site to see if I could find out the reason for this apparent absence.

I found it, in an unassuming blog post from June 20, 2017, in which Rev. Dr. Durie announces a new organization and platform designed to provide resources to help people "understand global religious currents and their impact on areas such as public policy, human rights, security and conflict." The full description sets forth the Interface Institute's purpose:

Introducing The Interface Institute 
Readers of blog posts may wish to connect with the resources of the Interface Institute
The Interface Institute is a new resource which provides the public with resources to understand the nexus between society and religion, particularly in relation to monotheistic religions.

After a phase in western history when a dominant assumption was that spiritual influences were in decline, we find ourselves launched into what Richard John Neuhaus already in 1997 called ‘the approaching century of religion’. 
It is becoming increasingly clear that multiple social and political challenges are being brought on by profound global shifts in religious identity and allegiance, yet many feel ill-equipped to respond to these challenges. The Interface Institute assists people to understand global religious currents and their impact on areas such as public policy, human rights, security and conflict. 
The Interface Institute curates a diverse range of published resources, both from Muslim-majority contexts, and also from nations of the Muslim diaspora, including the West. It also welcomes original written contributions Potential contributions can be sent to 
Readers can connect with the Interface Institute’s resources at:
From Mark Durie

Upon exploring the Interface Institute's website, I found several new examples, including some video, of Mark Durie's most recent writings, interviews, and lectures, which are, as always, extremely thoughtful, informative, and persuasive.

I am adding the Interface Institute to the left hand banner here which provides current articles from important websites on Islam and jihad. I will also be posting a selection of Mark Durie's most significant recent posts at Interface Institute, which help illumine a dark and troubling subject, and provide helpful resources. Watch for more posts soon in this series, and do visit the Interface Institute.

You can also find links to Mark Durie's books in the right hand column here, or explore them on his website.