Friday, November 13, 2015

Ohio Muslim: 'Kill them in their own lands, behead them in their own homes'

While it is tempting to believe — and the media and most politicians repeatedly assure us — that American Muslims are fully integrated into our society and culture and reject Islamic extremism, this latest arrest reminds us of the reality that Muslim jihadists are in our midst, from coast to coast, as underscored by a just a few recent headlines:

Robert Spencer prefaces the below news report with this bit of exegisis about a note this Ohio Muslim posted online:
“And kill them wherever you find them”: that’s in the Qur’an three times (2:191, 4:89, and 9:5). Not that this has anything to do with Islam. 

Akron man arrested on a terrorism charge
by Eric Heisig,, via Jihad Watch, November 12, 2015:

AKRON, Ohio — The FBI on Thursday arrested an Akron man on a terrorism-related charge.

Terrence J. McNeil, 25, is charged with one count of solicitation of a crime of violence….

McNeil, according to U.S. Attorney’s Office, supported the Islamic State, a terrorist organization also known as ISIL.

He is accused of uploading a file on Sept. 24 to a Tumblr account that showed photos, addresses and military branch of purported members of the military. One of the slides in the file reads:

“O Brothers in America, know that the jihad against the crusaders is not limited to the lands of the Khilafah, it is a world-wide jihad and their war is not just a war against the Islamic State, it is a war against Islam…
Know that it is wajib (translated to “necessary”) for you to kill these kuffar! and now we have made it easy for you by giving you addresses, all you need to do is take the final step, so what are you waiting for? 
Kill them in their own lands, behead them in their own homes, stab them to death as they walk their streets thinking that they are safe…”

The final image in the file shows a photo of a handgun and a knife with a note that says “and kill them wherever you find them…,” according to prosecutors.