Thursday, April 24, 2014

Debate Continues over Construction of Mosque in Athens, Greece

For background on this story, see my posts here, here and here. The Turkish Muslims are holding the shuttered Halki Seminary hostage in order to extort Greece to capitulate and speed the building of mosques in Athens. Allowing a mosque in Athens would set a dire precedent, and would only bring strife and crime and open jihad to the already tumultuous Greek capitol.

The Greek Orthodox were conquered and enslaved by Muslims once already. Let's hope and pray they hold firm against this form of stealth jihad. For resources on resisting mosque expansions, see my post, Challenging Mosques: Tools for Education and Legal Resistance.

Mayoral candidate's proposal of city-wide referendum supported by Orthodox hierarchs, public presumed to be strongly against the mosque.
Pravoslavie — April 8, 2014

(Athens, April 4, 2014) The proposal of Athens mayoral candidate Aris Spiliotopoulos of submitting the issue of the construction of a mosque in the city to a referendum is supported by many hierarchs of the Church of Greece, reports Romfea. 

Aris Spiliotopoulos, an Athens mayoral candidate, has declared that if he is elected mayor, he will then hold a referendum at which the citizens must clearly express their opinion concerning the construction of a mosque in Athens, voting “for” or “against”.

“Athens citizens are those who will decide, and the holding of the referendum is the most democratic path which we must follow,” commented a metropolitan from Attica, who wished to remain anonymous, reports Romfea. 

“Ask the city-dwellers,” the metropolitan continued, “whether the taking of such a poll is even discussed among the people. Everybody is definitely against any idea of building of a mosque in Athens”.

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