Monday, July 1, 2019

After 1 Million Views, What's Next?

This landmark on the Facing Islam Blog calls for a little reflection, and looking towards what lies ahead.

First of all, my sincere thanks to all my readers and visitors, who have helped put this blog over 1,000,000 views, and to be ranked #35 in the 2019 list of Islam blogs.

That number includes at least one DOS attack, when malicious bots tried to overwhelm the servers and shut down my blog, but that merely resulted in a spike in my numbers, and no loss of service. I am proud to have been attacked on the internet. It is a badge of honor and a sign of the integrity of this site, which speaks Truth to the Enemy, and warns about the threats from Islam.

What now?

Having passed 1 Million page views, and having been posting only sporadically over the past year or so (while working on an unrelated project), I am striving to ramp things back up here, emphasizing more consistent output and focus.

Here are my goals, which I hope to diligently work towards, if the Lord doesn't return first, and if He grants me time, health and energy:

1. Original Articles — 

I have a great deal more I wish to say on the topic of Islam, and my goal is to put out one or two original articles a month.

2. Improved Blog Navigation —

My plan for the next 6-12 months is to greatly improve the organization and navigation of the vast and growing resources on the Facing Islam Blog. New pages will be created, especially for: New Martyrs of the 21st Century under the Sword of Islam,  and The Church Fathers on Islam.

3. Digest of Top Christian Writers on Islam — 

There are a handful of Christian writers on Islam whom I am especially appreciative of, and to whom I continue to be deeply indebted for the depth and breadth of their unique and original insights.

The Facing Islam Blog will continue to re-post, on a regular basis, articles by Raymond Ibrahim, William Kilpatrick, Mark Durie, Timothy Furnish, Leo Hohmann, and others (including Orthodox writers such as Fr Lawrence Farley, Archbishop Mark of Berlin, Fr. Josiah Trenham, and others), always with full attribution and links back to the original authors and sites.

These writers hail from Coptic Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran and Evangelical backgrounds, and thus present a broad Christian front, as it were, against the rise of darkness in the world.

To stretch the metaphor of William Kilpatrick's recent article, 'Sauron Comes to Middle England', we might say this group of writers (to whom I attach myself as least of all) represents that great Alliance of Elves, Men, Dwarves, and Hobbits, who fought to preserve Middle Earth against the Dark Lord's final onslaught, told by J.R.R. Tolkien in The Lord of the Rings.

4. Focus on Theology, Spirituality, and History — 

While I will certainly continue to post on significant news stories regarding the new age of martyrdom and Muslim persecution of Christians around the globe, and on Islam's war against the world in general (relying heavily on the daily reporting of Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch), the unique contribution of the Facing Islam Blog, and thus its main focus, shall remain the exploration of theological and spiritual themes, coupled with demonstration of the historical continuity of Islam's multi-pronged jihad against Christianity,  which has been going on for 1,400 years.

Islam is not indiscriminate in its choice of enemies; it is anti-Christian (and anti-Jewish) at its core, with its main goal being the usurpation and appropriation of Jesus Christ, whether by outright warfare against Christians, or by deceiving and confusing Christians into believing and teaching that Islam is compatible with Christianity, and by presenting a false Jesus, the Islamic prophet Isa, to replace the Jesus of the Gospels, the Son of God, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity.

5.  The Final Anathematization of the 'Same God Heresy' in a major Orthodox Church Council —

Longtime readers of this blog and of my book, Facing Islam, know that my ultimate goal is the complete and utter refutation of what I have labeled the 'Same God Heresy'. This blasphemous lie from the pit of hell must be not only vigorously resisted, but assailed and vanquished by zealous and vigilant Christians, and we Orthodox have the fullness of the Apostolic and Patristic traditions by which to do so.

Silence in the face of Islam's claims to worship the "Same God" as Christians, leads to tacit acceptance of other Muslim claims, and so, incrementally, leads the careless, "nice" Christian believer to full-blown apostasy and outright denial of Jesus Christ.

My long term hope on this issue is to see Rejection of the Same God Heresy as one of the top issues on the agenda of a major Orthodox Church Council. Orthodox councils in our age tend to be mired in obscure theological points, or to deliberations over episcopal authority and jurisdictional disputes. These are time wasters, especially in the face of a globally ascendant and emboldened Islam (most perniciously manifested in the Same God Heresy), and in the face of the monstrous abomination of the Anthropological Heresy being relentlessly advanced by the LGBTQ+ Agenda, as seen, for example, in the pseudo-Orthodox online platforms of The Wheel, Public Orthodoxy, and Orthodoxy in Dialogue. Let other platforms deal with those broods of vipers.

6. New eBook Series from the Facing Islam Blog — 

To advance the above goals, I intend to produce a series of eBooks featuring selections of my original articles here, grouped by theme. These will be offered at minimal cost in the months ahead, God willing.

7. New Original Book on Islam — 

I have been developing a couple of titles, and hope to see the first to publication in early 2020, God willing. This will be a completely original book, not a compilation or adaptation of my writing already published here on the blog. I am very eager to present this new work to you.

8. 100% Free Content, Non-Monetized, Ad-Free Blog —

I have had well-intentioned family and friends admonish me for years to monetize this blog and take advantage of the growing web traffic through ads, perhaps an Amazon connection, and other means.

But to me, there is an inherent problem in "taking advantage" of anything. I am proud to present the material on this blog free of charge, and will continue to do so. The only request I would make is that, if you really want to get at the core of my presentation and at the same time help support my efforts, please purchase a copy of my book, Facing Islam. This book is the foundation of my assault upon the Same God Heresy. I have discounted it sharply, and offer it for under $10.

To my friends, thank you all again for visiting and following the blog, and for your prayers and support.

To my enemies, I forgive you, and pray that you may come to know the Lord Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit, and be saved from this age of delusion and apostasy.

To Muslim readers, please visit my special section for Muslims, and know that while I write strongly against Islam, I extend to you the offer of eternal life in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who desires that none should perish, but that all may come to the Father through Him. I earnestly hope you will leave behind the false example and so-called "revelations" of Muhammad, and come to the Truth which is in Christ Jesus, for only He can set you free.