Monday, October 26, 2015

'Lambs among Wolves': Documentary about the Muslim Brotherhood's burning of Coptic churches

This looks promising: an English language documentary on the Muslim Brotherhood's planned, systematic burning of over 70 Coptic churches in Egypt, August 2013, just weeks following the popular overthrow of the ruthless, sharia-based government of Mohamed Morsi.

Will it discuss the Obama administration's unwavering support of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood? Or Koranic and hadith support for Muslim persecution of Christians and destruction of churches?

Even should such important components not be featured, showing the world what is at the heart of the Muslim Brotherhood should be a landmark achievement. I plan to post a followup when the film is released. Scroll down for the trailer...

Lambs among Wolves: A documentary about churches burning in Egypt Aug 2013 
Coptic Youth Channel, October 25, 2015:

EXCLUSIVE ON CYC the only english documentary movie that tells exactly the details of the Muslim Brotherhood attack over churches of Egypt which caused the burning of more than 70 churches in 2 days!! Hatred burnt every thing in churches, it was a complete destruction! Wait for the entire movie soon on CYC!