Monday, December 2, 2013

E-Islam Website launched in Kazakhstan for prevention of Religious Extremism

"There's an app for that!"  

While I wish this initiative well, and see value in Kazakhstan's innovative approach to provide an understanding of the "interaction of secular principles and religious norms," this E-Islam effort may enjoy only limited success. Unfortunately, the hard core cases, like the Boko Haram Muslim group in Nigeria, view all Western influence, education, commerce, books, learning, technology, etc., as "haram," forbidden, unclean, destined for destruction. Because they can always prove their brand of Islam directly from the Koran and the life and example of Muhammad, they will always attract followers leaning towards "pure Islam."

For Christians, and especially Orthodox Christians, the best response to the threat of Islam and Muslim extremists is to grow ever deeper in our faith, and be able to share our faith with others, to live authentically Christian lives. The example of Fr Daniil Sysoev should be our guide and standard; he had an authentic, Christian evangelical love for his neighbors, including Muslims, and spoke boldly for Christ and against the false religion of Islam. Before he was martyred, he led some 80 Muslims, including many hard-core Wahhabis, to the Orthodox Church.

God can work through websites, but He longs to work through warm, fervent, and faithful human hearts, who put into practice the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

E-Islam Website launched in Kazakhstan for prevention of Religious Extremism
Pravoslavie — 12/2/2012

The Agency for Religious Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan has launched the "E-Islam" informational and educational Internet-portal.

Its work is aimed at "an in-depth explanation of fundamentals and values of the traditional Islam in Kazakhstan, interaction of secular principles and religious norms, as well as prevention of religious extremism and terrorism," informed the head of the agency Marat Azilkhanov at a briefing on Thursday in Astana.

The main purpose for creating this website is to inform people of a true idea of Islam.
A column of experts has been launched on the website, where competent and well-known religious studies specialists of Kazakhstan are ready to answer any questions that trouble citizens of the country.

Apart from this, the 24-hour "Hot line—114" has been launched for counseling and rendering psychological aid to residents of Kazakhstan on issues in the religious sphere. Kazakhstan is a predominantly Muslim nation.