Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christian Syrian Refugees Denied Visas to West

This is an extremely urgent issue, which reveals the hypocrisy and downright villainy of the Western nations, led by the United States. Christian refugees fleeing their Muslim persecutors are denied Visas, asylum and solace, while the U.S. is opening the gates to Muslim refugees, offering permanent resettlement, and enabling Saudi student visas to double over the last two years

Contributing to the bloodshed in Syria, Obama and Cameron openly support cannibalistic Muslim jihadis, and claim as peace partners the Taliban, who play soccer with the severed heads of their slain adversaries.

If we are silent in the face of this wave of evil, we will be called to account before the Lord. 

I call upon our beloved and revered Orthodox hierarchs in North America to continue to "speak truth to power," that they would perform with courage and vigor their prophetic role, warning, encouraging and admonishing our leaders to care for the dwindling, beleaguered flock in Syria, Egypt, and everywhere Christians are being persecuted.

Christian Syrian Refugees Denied Visas to West
Voice of the Persecuted — 12/26/2013

Christian Syrian refugees have found temporary shelter in Jordan, but their immigration requests have been rejected by Western countries.

Some of them have spoken to the Associated Press, but want to remain anonymous for safety reasons.

One Syrian refugee said, “Everyone sold whatever they owned in Syria in order to get here, so that we could apply for visas at an embassy. We were all surprised to be rejected on the basis that there was no reason for us to go to Europe. Their reasons were all false – nothing correct in them.”

Another man said that western countries “were supposed to support us, and they were supposed to facilitate our immigration process as Christians, and I’m very sad that they haven’t.”

About 70 Syrian families, who fled the violence and civil war of their homeland, are staying in halls and extra rooms of an Assyrian church in the capital Amman. Though the families are receiving food, aid and money from the church, they say the living conditions are difficult and they do not have enough heat to keep warm.   Christmas Day lacked the traditional happiness and joy one usually finds during the Holiday season   “I can’t feel happy about Christmas while our country is bleeding,” one refugee said.

Another refugee said, “We are suffering a lot here. Our only celebration today was inside a church to pray to God to restore security and peace in Syria.”   According to Jordanian officials, more than 1.3 million Syrian refugees have fled Syria since the beginning of the civil war...