Friday, August 16, 2013

Situation for Christians Worsens in Sudan

Everything described below is taken straight from the Conditions of Omar and the terms of the Islamic dhimma contract, which exists to terrorize and oppress Christians, so as to demoralize and humiliate them into submitting to Islam.

FOR 2011-2012 170 PEOPLE IN SUDAN ACCUSED OF "APOSTASY" — 8/14/2013

The situation of Christians in Sudan has worsened since separation of the South Sudan. The president Omar Al-Bashir has already stated more than once that he wishes to make Sudan "a Muslim state" with no equality of rights for members of other religious communities, reports the Pro Oriente foundation.

According to Sharia law, the death penalty is given denouncing Islam in Sudan, although the country has signed the Universal declaration of human rights. For the last 20 years, no respective sentences have been passed; however, in only 2011 and 2012, about 170 people were accused of "apostasy" and arrested. According to non-governmental organizations that are active in Sudan, the authorities have arranged an intensive search for converts. The search is concentrated mainly in the Nuba mountains, where the separatist movement is strong. Since 2011, the number of closed and confiscated church buildings and other Christian institutions has been increasing. Arrests of Christians take place regularly. In April last year, the government openly declared that there would be no permits for building of Christian churches any more.