Friday, August 23, 2013

Sentencing Major Nidal Hasan

The Fort Hood Jihadist was found guilty on all 45 counts against him. Now comes the sentencing phase.

For what it's worth, in my estimation, he should be given 14 consecutive life sentences (for the thirteen counts of premeditated murder, plus the murder of the unborn child being carried by slain PFC Francheska Velez), without possibility of parole.

He should also not be allowed to profit from his crimes through publication or correspondence.

A death sentence would stiffen his resolve to die as a mujahideen for Allah and Islam, and would elevate him to the stature of a martyr in the eyes of the Muslim world.

Time is the providential tool the Lord uses to draw us to repentance. Consider how a steady flow of soft, humble water carves a hollow from hardened stone over the period of many years.

Time — life in prison — is the Christian punishment for Major Nidal Hasan. Time, and the Lord's providence, might even lead him to repentance, and to salvation in and through Jesus Christ.

Remember the Wise Thief crucified with Jesus.