Tuesday, August 27, 2013

'When the evil starts from Syria, start praying!'

by Matushka Constantina — Lessons from a Monastery — 8/28/2013

Below is a translation of a recent prophecy concerning the difficulties that await us.

The ever-memorable Bishop of Sisanion and Siatisti (right)
and Fr. John Kalaidis (left).
I just returned from my spiritual father, [himself] a spiritual child of the late [Bishop] Anthony of Sisanion and Siatisti [2005], who many venerate as a modern saint. [My spiritual] father is solely committed to the salvation of souls, he avoids statements about future events, but in speaking about the ever-memorable Bishop, he revealed some things which he himself was witness to and which demonstrate that the ever-memorable [Bishop], with all the gifts he had, received great revelations from God.

[In the words of the Bishop's spiritual child]:

“He often told us, and many times with sorrow, that  in a time of prosperity, ‘Great famine will come to Greece, my child, great famine…’ and we found it difficult to believe him.

“The last time he was in the hospital after his final surgery, as soon as they brought him in the room he looked across at the icon of the Crucified Lord and cried like a little child, saying in his well-known humble [manner]: ‘Why, my Christ made me worthy and revealed all these things to me!’, it was clear that he had seen something about the future…

“When we asked him: ‘What did you see, Despota?’ he answered us with difficultly because he had a problem with his voice: ‘When the evil starts from Syria, start praying!’ And he repeated it, ‘There, when it starts from Syria…’ signifying that afterward the storm will hit us… We asked him again: ‘What else  did you see, Despota?’ and he told us: ‘I will tell you later…’ but afterward he fell asleep [in the Lord]…”

This was obviously the will of God.

Source (Greek)

There is much talk of war and famine these days, many warnings are being passed around that the prophecies about the last, great war are about to be fulfilled. These prophecies (such as ones by St. Cosmas the Aitolos – you have to scroll down the page to see his prophecies, Elder Paisios of the Holy Mountain, and Elder Joseph of Vatopedi) may or may not be on the brink of becoming reality. In any case, I think that if we haven’t started already, we need to start praying for God’s mercy – no matter what awaits us.