Thursday, June 15, 2017

Symposium and Services venerating today's Christian Martyrs under the Sword of Islam

St Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary has announced a landmark event for its annual Orthodox Education Day, October 7, 2017:

- Christians of the Middle East and North Africa -

Orthodox Education Day - October 7, 2017
  • 10AM - Divine Liturgy
  • Public Lectures, Children's Activities
  • Coffee, Ethnic Food, Icon Display, Book Sale
  • Akathist Service  to the New Martyrs
  • Free Admission to SVS Grounds

Click to enlarge for event info.

We look forward with hope that this gathering truly honors the heroic New Martyrs and Confessors of Jesus Christ, who refuse to submit to or worship a false god and false prophet, but faithfully witness — even unto death — to Jesus Christ as Lord and God.  These 'Modern Martyrs' — men, women and children — are a powerful sign of faith and light in our age of lukewarmness, apostasy, darkness, and insanity.

Today's 'Modern Martyrs' are certainly becoming known by Orthodox Christians in the USA. Recently, the Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) named its 2015-2016 theme as 'Modern Martyrs - Witnesses of the Word'. And the Orthodox Christian Network (OCN) recently produced a documentary titled 'Modern Christian Martyrs', which aired on the ABC Live Well Network in March 2017.

Thanks to internet media such as Pravoslavie, OCP Media, MorningStarNews, and others, the stories of the Coptic, African and Mid-East martyrs are being made widely known. Indeed, the global spread of Islamic jihad in the 21st century has resulted in a global witness of Christian martyrs. Not only in the Middle East, Africa, Pakistan and Afghanistan, but Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, and even Europe and in cities across the United States; wherever Islam becomes emboldened, Christians are persecuted.

Today's Christian martyrs are the 'Living Word', bearing the Truth and Light of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth. In so doing, they reveal Islam and globalism as agents of the devil and darkness, forerunners of Antichrist.

More info on this important event at St. Vladimir's will be posted here as it becomes available.
(Thanks to Byzantine TX.)