Tuesday, October 8, 2013

UPCOMING INTERVIEW: Sun. Oct 13, 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific

I'll be appearing on Ancient Faith Today with Kevin Allen this coming Sunday, October 13, 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific.  Please tune in and join the conversation via call in or live chat.

October 13: The “Conspiracy of Silence”: 
The Rise of Global Christian Persecution and Why the World Isn't Responding

Host Kevin Allen talks with Faith McDonnell and Ralph H. Sidway about the rising tide of Christian intolerance and genocide—the intentional killing of people for their Christian faith—and why global Christophobia is rarely covered by Western media or addressed by the United Nations. Faith McDonnell is the Director of Religious Liberty Programs at the Institute for Religion and Democracy and the author of the book Girl Soldier: A Story of Hope for Northern Uganda's Children. Her blog is titled "Juicy Ecumenism." Ralph H. Sidway is the author of Facing Islam and the blog of the same name.

Listen to the audio promo here (2 min. 25 sec.).