Sunday, October 6, 2013

State and Religious Leaders on Rhodes to Discuss Interfaith Dialogue and Defense of Christian Minorities

Will this help the situation for Christians, or will the temptation to affirm Islam as the 'Religion of Peace' and to exonerate it of any culpability for the global persecution of Christians by Muslims prove too great?

Pravoslavie — 10/5/2013

Problems of the interfaith dialogue, the present state and dynamics of development of Christianity and Islam, mechanisms of protection of rights of Christian minorities will be discussed at the eleventh session of "The dialogue of civilizations" World public forum, which according to tradition, opened on October 2, 2013 on the island of Rhodes in Greece.

Along with religious aspects of modern civilization, over 500 participants from 80 different countries at the plenary meetings, 16 breakup groups and round tables will discuss the situation in the world during the crisis, the problems of Eurasian integration, family, education, culture and new technologies.

The plight of Christians in the Middle East region will Also be discussed. Early in September in Vienna, coordination board members of "the dialogue of civilizations" adopted a resolution on Syria in which they firmly condemned use of force in resolving the conflict.

At the beginning of the new millennium, the forum was founded by the Indian thinker Jagdish C. Kapur, the Greek businessman Nicolas Papanikolaou, and the Vladimir Yakunin, the president of the Russian Railways, as a discussion area of topical issues in the period of globalization.

The forum is supported by state, public, religious leaders, scientists and cultural figures of European and Asian countries, states of the Middle East, North and South America. The forum works together with many public organizations and international institutions worldwide. They include: the UN, UNESCO, The Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization, the Council of Europe, and the Organization of Islamic Conference.