Monday, October 14, 2013

One Million Islamists in Russia, says Expert

Ominous Muslim Demographics Generate Fear, Denial Over Future

Depending on the survey, Russia's population is 6% to 14% Muslim, which would give us a range of 8.6 to 20 million Muslims in Russia. One million Islamists is a significant percentage of the Russian Muslim populace, ranging from 5% to 12%. 

If we applied the same math to the global Muslim population, that would indicate anywhere from 80-to-190 million Islamists preparing to wage global jihad. It is ominous numbers such as these which contribute to the denial of Western leaders and the media that Islam has anything to do with Muslim terrorist attacks, even though the jihadists openly proclaim their motivations in explicitly Islamic terms.

Interfax via Pravoslavie — 10/14/2013

About one million Russian Muslims are radically minded, expert on Islamic affairs and deputy head of the Russian Justice Ministry's state religious appraisal council Roman Silantyev said.

"There are about one million Islamists in Russia, which is every 15th Muslim [living in the country]," Silantyev said in an interview published by the newspaper Kultura on Friday.

He said the successful fight against radicals consisted of the use of force 90% if the time and only 10% of counterpropaganda, "which would be effective only if supported with the use of force."

"Just like the way we fought the Nazis during the Great Patriotic War [of 1941-1945]. There is no big difference between them: both the Islamists and the Nazis wished to destroy our country. So, counterpropaganda should be mostly limited to an idea: you will be dead unless you quit the ranks of Islamists," the expert said.

He also said that Russia had intensified the struggle against religious extremism over the past year.

"It seems that law enforcement authorities have finally realized that it was better to overreact than to react insufficiently. The Islamists understand nothing but the language of force," Silantyev said.