Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The New Islamic Worldview

It would be a grave mistake to see persecution of Christians in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, Nigeria, and throughout the Islamic world, as "sectarian clashes" (one of the mainstream media's favorite turns of phrase) or as merely spasmodic outbursts of violence perpetrated by hot-headed extremists.

Instead, by considering the statements of the growing chorus of Islamic clerics, as well as the occasional remarks of government officials in Muslim countries, and even through key opinion polls of ordinary, so-called 'moderate' Muslims, we can identify a definite shift in the overall Islamic Worldview. Put another way, the mask is slipping, and we can see their purpose and goals, which is, basically, an ever expanding hegemony leading to world domination.

This should come as no surprise, as the inspiration for the birth of the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928 was the eventual resurgence of Islam through all forms of jihad.

[The Muslim Brotherhood] was established in accordance with [founder] Hasan al-Banna’s proclamation that Islam should be “given hegemony over all matters of life.” Toward that end, the Brotherhood seeks to establish an Islamic caliphate, or kingdom -- first spanning all of the present-day Muslim world, and eventually the entire globe. The organization further aspires to dismantle all non-Islamic governments wherever they currently exist, and to make Islamic Law (Shari’a) the sole basis of jurisprudence everywhere on earth. This purpose is encapsulated in the Brotherhood’s militant credo: “God is our objective, the Koran is our Constitution, the Prophet is our leader, struggle [jihad] is our way, and death for the sake of God is the highest of our aspirations.”
Consistent with the foregoing credo, MB since its founding has supported the use of armed struggle, or jihad, against non-Muslim “infidels.” As al-Banna himself wrote: "Jihad is an obligation from Allah on every Muslim and cannot be ignored nor evaded." Added al-Banna: "It is the nature of Islam to dominate, not to be dominated, to impose its law on all nations and to extend its power to the entire planet." [1]

Of course, the Muslim Brotherhood is the ruling force in Egypt now, and has expanded its influence to more than seventy countries, with clandestine operations in the United States.

Below are a few examples to keep in mind as we witness the ever escalating reports of Islamic supremacism both here and abroad.

Muslim Cleric Calls U.S. Aid to Egypt 'Jizya'
by Raymond Ibrahim
During a roundtable discussion on the U.S. and foreign aid to Egypt, an Islamic cleric, clearly of the Salafi bent—he had their trademark mustache-less-beard—insisted that the U.S. must be treated contemptuously, like a downtrodden dhimmi, or conquered infidel; that Egypt must make the U.S. conform to its own demands; and that, then, all the money the U.S. offers to Egypt in foreign aid can be taken as rightfully earned jizya. Read the full article...
This position was strongly reinforced by the remarks of Imam Khaled Said of the Salafi Front political party in Egypt, who stated that U.S aid to Egypt was "mandatory"and "a tribute that America pays to honor the Muslim Brotherhood and the Egyptian Revolution." [2]

Turkish Foreign Minister Invokes Ottoman Empire as New Order for Middle East
Tulin Daloglu -

Take [Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet] Davutoglu's recent remarks on two consecutive days, March 3 and 4 -- as an example. First he claims that Turkey for the first time has finally been back to the lands that were lost during the Ottoman times, and he suggests that it's time for Turkey to take the lead to set an order for these lands and re-connect them once again -- "Without going to war, we will again tie Sarajevo to Damascus, Benghazi to Erzurum and to Batumi..."
..."Last century was only a parenthesis for us. We will close that parenthesis. We will do so without going to war, or calling anyone an enemy, without being disrespectful to any border, we will again tie Sarajevo to Damascus, Benghazi to Erzurum to Batumi. This is the core of our power," he said. "These may look like all different countries to you, but Yemen and Skopje were part of the same country 110 years ago, or Erzurum and Benghazi."  Read the full article...

Over 80% of Mosques in the U.S. advocate violence against non-Muslims
Mapping Shariah Project

A random survey of 100 representative mosques in the U.S. was conducted to measure the correlation between Sharia adherence and dogma calling for violence against non-believers.  Of the 100 mosques surveyed, 51% had texts on site rated as severely advocating violence; 30% had texts rated as moderately advocating violence; and 19% had no violent texts at all.  Mosques that presented as Sharia adherent were more likely to feature violence-positive texts on site than were their non-Sharia-adherent counterparts.  In 84.5% of the mosques, the imam recommended studying violence-positive texts.  The leadership at Sharia-adherent mosques was more likely to recommend that a worshiper study violence-positive texts than leadership at non-Sharia-adherent mosques.  Fifty-eight percent of the mosques invited guest imams known to promote violent jihad.  The leadership of mosques that featured violence-positive literature was more likely to invite guest imams who were known to promote violent jihad than was the leadership of mosques that did not feature violence-positive literature on mosque premises.  Visit the website to read more and see the full study.

46% of U.S. Muslims think Criticism of Islam should be Criminalized; 12% advocate Death Penalty for Americans who Criticize or Parody Islam
Wenzel Polls

Nearly half of 600 Muslim-American citizens polled believe parodies of Muhammad should be prosecuted criminally in the U.S., and one in eight say the offense is so serious violators should face the death penalty.
The results came in a groundbreaking scientific poll for WND by the public-opinion research and media consulting company Wenzel Strategies. It was taken Oct. 22-26 and carries a margin of error of plus or minus 3.98 percentage points.
The poll also found 40 percent of Muslims in America believe they should not be judged by U.S. law and the Constitution, but by Shariah standards.
“Almost half of those Muslims surveyed – an astonishing 46 percent – said they believe those Americans who offer criticism or parodies of Islam should face criminal charges,” said pollster Fritz Wenzel in an analysis of the survey’s results.
“Even more shocking: One in eight respondents said they think those Americans who criticize or parody Islam should face the death penalty, while another nine percent said they were unsure on the question,” he said.  More sobering numbers in the full article... 

[1] - Extensive history, documents and links regarding the Muslim Brotherhood.
[2] Source: Atlas Shrugs blog.