Sunday, April 21, 2013

The 'Islamification' of Christianity

Fr Stephen Freeman makes a hugely important point in one of his recent posts, concerning the understanding (and mis-understanding) of the Scriptures, and how that impacts Protestant Christianity.

As Orthodox Christians, we must be persistently mindful of the correct understanding of the authority of the Church, and the place of Tradition and Scriptures within the life of the Church:

The notion of the Bible, distinct from the community of believers, as a source for Divine guidance and belief, is not Christianity – at least not any traditional form of it. Instead, it represents an Islamification of Christianity. In such a practice, the Scriptures of the Church become a Christian Koran, while the believer ceases to be a member of the Body of Christ, and becomes part of the People of the Book (a slavish name if ever there was one).

Read Fr. Stephen's full essay, People of the Book, for more important insights.