Sunday, September 16, 2012

The O-Emperor has no Clothes

. . . unless you consider the facile coverings of the lamestream media to be anything more than fig leaves to cover the O Administration's shame.

Here is a quick roundup of pertinent links:

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood President Leads, Obama Follows - Far from Morsi taking American cues this week, President Obama took Morsi’s cues. Morsi was the tip of the spear during the Arab Spring; now he’s dictating the politics of the Islamist Uprising. This week, he told Obama to jump; Obama asked how high.

NYT's Helene Cooper: Obama's Actions Show His Lack Of Influence - Criticism of President Obama came from a surprising source.

2008: Military Leaders Warned Sen. Obama 'Doesn't Understand Threat of Radical Islam'

UN Ambassador Won't Answer Questions on Lack of Marines, Free Speech

Disgrace in Benghazi - More on the insane, post-modern unreality of the dying superpower, by Mark Steyn.

President Obama, stop blaming the victim for Mideast violence - Obama defender defends Freedom of Speech instead.

Two days after 9/11 embassy attacks, Hillary Clinton hosted Muslim holiday celebration in DC

On 9/11, Obama addressed Arab Forum praising Arab Spring and “his Heighness” (video)

As Muslims burn embassies, Hillary Clinton calls Islam “a great religion”

Why Punishing Blasphemous Speech That Triggers Murderous Reactions Would Likely Lead to More Deaths

Outreach! - Muslims greet Obama in the UK