Monday, July 17, 2017

Extended Interview with Raymond Ibrahim on Islam, by Hank Hanegraaf

This is an outstanding, "Ultimate" interview with Raymond Ibrahim, author of 'Crucified Again - Exposing Islam's New War On Christians', 'The Al Qaeda Reader', and a new book scheduled for 2018, 'Sword and Scimitar'.

Hanegraaf lets Raymond really explore the topics, which results in a riveting, wide-ranging discussion, with Raymond being able to stretch out and make a compelling presentation based on his many years of research.

It's a long interview (more than 90 minutes), but well worth it. Raymond Ibrahim continues to elevate his stature as one of the great Christian scholars on the Islamic threat.

St Vladimir's Seminary — You should invite this man and give him an honorary PhD and have him give a keynote address on Orthodoxy and Islam.

Money quotes:

  • "If Allah is God, then he's schizophrenic."
  • "The early Christians... were scandalized when they finally got the Koran and Muhammad's biography, saying basically, 'What sort of a God is this, that exists to validate this man's primordial and savage impulses?'"

From Hank Hanegraaf's podcast site:

This week, Hank is joined on Hank Unplugged by Middle East expert Raymond Ibrahim to discuss the stark reality of Islamic issues faced by the world today in context with historical analysis, not the least of them being the Muslim genocide and persecution of Christians.

Topics discussed include: 

  • the West actively undermining itself and the reality of Islam (6:00); 
  • the aberration of labeling Islam as one of the Abrahamic faiths (10:00); 
  • the difference between Mohammed and Christ (13:30); 
  • is the Allah of Islam the God of the Bible? (19:30)

(interview description continues below the player)

Listen to ""Drip-Drip" Genocide: Muslim Persecution of Christians" on Spreaker.

Interview description continues...

  • Muslim mob mentality and the convenience of conversion in many Islamic theocracies (27:00); 
  • setting the historical record straight on the difference between jihad and the crusades (30:30); 
  • exposing the myth of the Andalusian Paradise (37:00); 
  • the reality that radical Islam is run-of-the-mill Islam (42:00); 
  • hypocrisy in the United States in dealing with Saudi Arabia and ISIS (53:00); 
  • the danger of lumping all Muslims together with the ideology of Islam (59:00); 
  • the mass genocide and persecution of Christians in the world today done in the name of Islam (1:07:00); 
  • Islamic tyranny toward women (1:17:00); 
  • the oxymoronic nature of the term “secular Muslim” (1:20:00); 
  • the decline of a Western civilization devoid of Christ (1:26:00); 
  • and the danger of taking a controversial stand for truth (1:28:00).