Sunday, February 15, 2015

Return to Blogging

In the life of Holy Neo-Martyr Damian the New (+1568) we read that after contesting in the monastic life for three years, "he heard a divine voice saying to him, "Damian, you must seek not only your own profit, but that of others as well." So he left the monastery in order to serve the villages in his native regions. As with many others who strengthened the faith of the Orthodox during the Ottoman tyranny, he was eventually arrested by the Turkish Muslims and put to death for his faithfulness to Christ.

Well, I didn't hear any voices during my brief, three month sabbatical, but in reflecting on my life, it eventually became clear to me that I needed to return to this work. God willing, I'll soon be as frequent and as relevant as before.

If not more so.

Thank you for your interest, please stay tuned...