Friday, March 29, 2013

Christians Under Attack in Syria: CBS Video

CBS News provides a refreshingly honest piece on the crisis facing Christians in Syria. Let's pray this heralds a trend of honest and frequent reporting by the mainstream media on the plight of Christians suffering increasing persecution throughout the Islamic world.

Note that the report clearly states the Christians in Syria predate even the founding of Islam by several centuries. The same is true of the Copts in Egypt, the Orthodox in Asia Minor (Turkey); you get the idea.

The priest's last words, "They don't want us here," refers of course to the Muslim extremists wanting to drive out or eradicate Christians from Syria.  They are following the example of Muhammad, who gave  non-Muslims three choices: convert to Islam, submit to Islamic rule as a humiliated second-class populace (dhimmi), or die. Muhammad himself vowed that he would "expel the Christians and Jews from the Arabian peninsula, and would not leave any but Muslim" (Hadith from Sahih Muslim 19.4366). This is why the Christian population has collapsed throughout the Islamic world over the last few decades.