Sunday, April 29, 2018

VIDEO: Russian Priest - Answer to a Muslim Apologist

"Fr. Maksim Kuskin, a Russian priest from near Moscow, here answers a question from a Muslim, who maintains that Islam is purer and stronger than Christianity. His arguments are simple: Muslims give up alcohol and lead chaste lives.

"The calmness with which Father Maksim answers radiates with a quiet power:

"The Russian priest answers simply, obviously a bit taken aback by the glaring smugness of the question.

"Let's talk about how not only is Islam a more primitive religion, but about how much violence and outrage it has inflicted upon the world, and so often, upon Christians.

"Yet, 'We suffer everything', Fr. Maxim concludes, 'and ultimately you will see, that Christianity is so much more powerful than Islam'."

Source: Russian Faith