Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Orthodox Christian Mission in Pakistan: Donations via PayPal back online!

Important update enables global support for the Orthodox Mission in Pakistan to spread!

Forgive my delay in posting this announcement!  I am only now getting somewhat caught up after a tumultuous several weeks...

I received this welcomed email from Fr. Joseph Farooq back in mid-December:

Greetings and blessings in the Holy Name of Lord Jesus Christ! 
Met. Hilarion, and Fr. Joseph Farooq
It is my joy to inform that with blessings of my ruling bishop, His Eminence Met. Hilarion, our paypal account is activated. Now the kind donors are requested to send their charity and funds for the widows and orthodox children on Christmas. Please find the link mentioned below. 
Donations via PayPal back online 
May God grant you many good years, good health, well-being and spiritual growth. 
Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary!
With best wishes happiness and joy!
Fr.Joseph Farooq

And this post from the Mission's website:

Thank-you to all the generous supporters who have waited patiently while we attended to our donations via PayPal being offline. 
With the blessing of his Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion, First Hierarch of ROCOR, we have now implemented PayPal donations to the mission through the Fund For Assistance of ROCOR. 100% of your donations are passed on to the area of your choice; all PayPal buttons on this website will direct to an FFA PayPal site preselected to donate to the ROCOR Orthodox Mission in Pakistan. 
Once again thanks to all the supporters of the mission and please wherever possible your prayers and kind donations are welcome to help support Father Joseph and the Orthodox faithful in Pakistan. 
Donate to the Mission 
Funds are distributed from the ROCOR Fund For Assistance and directly distributed to the mission

I have also updated the link on the right hand column here at Facing Islam Blog to direct to the Pakistan Mission Donate Page.

Please help the Pakistan Orthodox Mission as much as you can, and share this info with your church, friends and family!