Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Book Review: The Savvy Kafir's Intro to Islam - A Primer for Puzzled Progressives

Much needed book from the Left offers compelling presentation on Islam for Progressives.

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I am well into this book now, and wanted to put up a quick review to recommend it. It's a welcome surprise to find this title, so clearly directed to a group which needs to heed its message.

Kindle Edition only $5.99 from Amazon.

The Counter Jihad camp has been unjustly tarred as a Right Wing Conservative Only movement, and a false one at that. Liberals have been very successful in portraying Muslims as victims of Christian and Conservative bigots, and Counter Jihadists as "haters" and Islamophobes, largely by logical fallacies which marginalize those who warn of the dangers from Islam (radical and otherwise).

The Savvy Kafir explodes these fallacies and lays out the case against Islam in a no-nonsense, factual, hard hitting presentation.

In spite of its obvious sense of urgency concerning the threat at hand, the book is hardly dour or tedious, but really crackles with wit and positive energy and is a brisk, entertaining read. The author not merely defends Western Civilization, but presents a compelling case for vigorously defending the liberal virtues of a multicultural society against the Islamic theological juggernaut.

This is the ideal book for Christians to share with their Liberal, Agnostic or Atheist friends, who might otherwise shut their eyes and ears.

I am a Christian, yet I praise this book because of its unflinching honesty in revealing Islam to an audience which perhaps needs to hear it the most. Though I vigorously reject the author's dismissal of Christianity as a "hocus pocus" religion, I want to see this book succeed, as there is a desperate need for allies among the Progressive Left in the Counter Jihad movement.

There is certainly something in the air, like we’re collectively reaching a tipping point, when devout Orthodox Christians like myself are thankful for the fearless realism of Liberals and New Atheists like Bill Maher, Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and… well, the Savvy Kafir! We need allies in this war, and how nice to be surprised at where they turn up.

I would also add this hopeful thought. As Atheists and Progressives take the time to learn what Islam is about, there is every reason to hope they will come to see how radically different Islam is from Christianity, and may find themselves drawn to Christ almost in spite of themselves. Those who vigorously reject Evil are all the more likely to embrace Good.

And, because True Christianity is so different from the caricature which often is presented in American media (and in Western Churches!), there is every reason to hope more and more Atheists and Progressives will find that Orthodoxy is "earning the right to be heard."

Remember the "Punks to Monks" movement of the 1980s and 90s? It is the startling story of how a demographic one might presuppose to reject Orthodoxy outright found zealous adherents due to the unflinching call to total commitment to Jesus Christ which Orthodoxy presents.

You can't go wrong. Buy and read. Go to and read the introductory chapter, get a sense of the book. Then head over to Amazon and purchase for your Kindle or Kindle app. The price is right at $5.99. This is a bracing read and a worthy title to help folks get educated on the threat from Islam.