Monday, February 27, 2023

On Woke Politicians, Police and Press Covering Up Muslim Rape Gangs in the UK

Rod Dreher has done a tremendous service by using his enormous reach (over 1.3 million monthly readers according to a 2017 Washington Post article) to draw attention to the horrendous coverup of Pakistani Muslim rape gangs in the United Kingdom.  

Why is this such a big deal? Because it can be traced directly back to the founder of Islam. 

The example of Muhammad is held up for Muslim men to emulate. Yet his renown as a sexual predator (testified to in the Islamic hadiths, stories and sayings of Muhammad), pedophile and warlord inculcates admiration for and imitation of his vile example among many Muslim men. This imitation of Muhammad is at least partially to blame for the Muslim rape and grooming gangs in the United Kingdom, and similar criminality leading to the complete inability of Muslim immigrants to integrate into European societies.

Excerpts from two of Mr. Dreher's recent posts on this timely topic below:

The Cost Of Political Correctness

Watch Charlie Peters's blockbuster video about Britain's rape grooming gangs and the woke cover-up

Rod Dreher | The American Conservative | Feb 13, 2023

If you missed Charlie Peters's rape grooming gangs documentary on GB News over the weekend, you can watch it here, on YouTube. You should. It is absolutely infuriating. I wrote about it here over the weekend [scroll down for key excerpts and link]. The film is about the thousands of working class and poor British teenage girls -- most of them white -- who were groomed, gang-raped, and trafficked by Pakistani Muslim gangs in British cities. 

This is not news; the first stories broke years ago. What is news here is what Peters dug up about the cover-up by police and politicians who did not want to stoke racism. Race was a key factor in these crimes, as the Pakistani men who did these deeds thought white girls were lesser breeds because of their race. 

I remember being in the Netherlands some years back when local authorities were closing down public pools. Why? Moroccan Muslim teenage males were coming around harassing Dutch white girls, calling them sluts and whores and threatening to rape them -- this, because to these boys, white European women were all slags who deserved it.

In other words, they sacrificed these girls on the altar of wokeness [see cartoon above]. Peters says that there is strong reason to believe that this stuff is still going on around Britain.

Watching it as an American, you can't help but think about the things that we don't talk about in our country, because of political correctness. Or rather, the things our media don't talk about, and the rest of us know we can't discuss openly...  Read the full article here...

Among The ‘White Slags’

Shocking GBNews documentary on Pakistani Muslim grooming gangs preying on white British girls raises questions about why UK institutions turned away

Rod Dreher | The American Conservative | Feb 11, 2023

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is famously blunt, but even I was surprised in the meeting with him a couple of weeks ago when he said that the question western European governments have to answer is, "How can we live with a large, unassimilable Muslim minority?", and that he sees his job as making sure Hungary never has to think about that question.

That would be the kind of thing that would horrify the liberal media and all the Right-Thinking People. Hungary, however, can be grateful that it has a prime minister who is looking out for its best interests by allowing no migration from the Islamic world. It's not that Muslims are bad people, heaven knows; it's that for whatever reason or reasons, the actual lived experience (heh) of European countries is that Muslim populations, in general, are very difficult to integrate. Why that is can and should be discussed, but that it is cannot be denied. Well, actually it can be denied, and usually is, but can't be denied by anyone with the courage to see what's in front of their noses.

Take what has happened to the good multicultural liberals of Sweden. From the Daily Mail:

Yet even those on the liberal Left now grudgingly agree that they are rooted in the country’s disastrously failed immigration policy — which in recent years opened Sweden’s borders. Some 2 million immigrants (20 per cent of the entire population), now live in Sweden, often from the most troubled parts of Asia and Africa — and the country failed to plan for the immense difficulties of integrating them into society...

Elegant Stockholm, hitherto known for its Scandinavian splendour and gentility, is now redolent of Al Capone’s Chicago.

The crisis is so serious that, this week, scores of extra police officers were drafted in from other cities and billeted in hotels. I have watched them blitzing the most notorious crime areas and raiding buildings for weapons and drugs...

This is one cost of the unwillingness of the Swedes to understand that culture matters. Their liberal pieties have cost them plenty. Now they will never be rid of these malefactors. Never. The Swedes did it to themselves.

Or take the grooming gangs of England. Tonight in Britain, GB News is going to air Charlie Peters's much-anticipated documentary on the Muslim gangs who raped and prostituted thousands of girls -- and the more or less official indifference of Britain's institutions, including the police, to the indescribably evil facts made public years ago...

Here is what Ed West writes about the film, and its subject matter. West talks about how most of this was uncovered a decade or so ago, but virtually nobody in authority did anything even after the truth came out, and few people in institutional authority paid a price for their indifference to this evil visited upon innocent girls. Here's West:

All of which makes tonight’s long-awaited GB News documentary Grooming Gangs: Britain’s Shame, so necessary. Presented by journalist Charlie Peters, who travelled across the country speaking to victims, whistle-blowers and campaigners in Rotherham, Rochdale and Telford (where I met him last October), the documentary is both harrowing and frustrating in the sheer sense of powerlessness it projects. Repeatedly the authorities knew what was happening, were passed the details of the abusers and evidence, gave reassurances that something would be done and then… nothing.

Although grooming gangs have been uncovered in 60 towns and cities, the case of Rotherham remains the most shocking, not just for the scale of the abuse but the institutional response.

Here Norfolk was able to access a number of reports on the council’s handling of abuse, one written by solicitor Adele Weir. Sent by the Home Office to study child prostitution, Weir found an abuse ring centred around a man called Arshid Hussain, discovering 270 victims with no fewer than 18 naming Arshid as their supposed ‘boyfriend’.

The police failed to act — even though the rapists involved were also dealing drugs.

Much, much more harrowing reporting in the full article, and in the documentary itself. Read, watch and share...