Monday, September 2, 2013

Akathist to Blessed Father Seraphim Rose: Now available for ordering.

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This is a small publication I created in 2011, which I am making available for online ordering from my blog here. You can order both the Akathist booklet and FACING ISLAM from my online store.

The actual text for the Akathist to Blessed Hieromonk Seraphim is from an online source which is no longer available. It is a very edifying composition in the traditional akathist form, complete with troparion and kontakion to Blessed Father Seraphim, and I am very glad that I thought to preserve it. Now I feel it my duty to make it more widely available in booklet form.

Also featured is an article I wrote especially for the booklet, titled, "The Veneration of Father Seraphim Rose," which traces the popular devotion to this beloved ascetic struggler, teacher, writer, and missionary, beginning from the time of his death, when Russian Bishop Nektary (Kontzevich, of Seattle) encouraged the faithful to not only pray for Father Seraphim, but to pray to him, asking his intercessions.

Since that time Orthodox faithful around the globe have come to a deep devotion to Father Seraphim. In Greece (including on Mount Athos), Serbia, Romania, and of course in Russia, he is widely venerated as a saint, and we look towards the day when he is officially glorified by the Church, and added to the calendar of saints.

Also included in the booklet is an article summarizing the teaching and impact of Father Seraphim, together with numerous photos which I took in 2007 at St Herman of Alaska Monastery in Platina during the Pilgrimage for the 25th Anniversary of Father Seraphim's Repose. Several reproductions of icons of Blessed Father Seraphim are also included, as is the Order for Reading Canons and Akathists When Alone (according to the Russian tradition).

This small work is intended as a an act of faith and piety, offered out of love for the Lord Jesus Christ and His saints. I ask your prayers for my salvation . . .

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